President’s Message

President’s Message

Interlock® Roofing has a long and proud tradition of offering homeowners trend-setting, elegant, and environmentally sustainable roofing solutions. Our roofing products are designed and tested to be attractive, durable, and last a lifetime. When you choose Interlock, the first time you replace your roof will also be the last.

The Interlock Metal Roofing System meets the most rigorous tests of environmental responsibility. Our lifetime roofing products are made from up to 70% recycled materials and are 96% recyclable, one of the most environmentally sustainable roofs in the industry. Interlock is an Energy Star® Rated. Owning an Interlock roof ends the cycle of landfill waste caused by the disposal of failed roofing. And, we are pleased to bring forward practical Solar Roofing solutions allowing you to harvest clean, renewable solar energy that’s sent directly to the power grid. For you, choosing Interlock means less dependence on our natural resources, less pollution in your area, and less money out of your pocket over time.

Our products are designed to provide you with the confidence that your decision to invest in our roof is sound, environmentally responsible, and improves the look of your home. Stringent industry tests are conducted on our Cedar shingles, Slate, Tile, Shake, and Standing Seam profiles to confirm maximum protection from extreme climate conditions. Interlock Roofing is exclusively coated with Alunar® Coating System embedded with Teflon™ surface protector, to ensure ultimate durability, strength, and appearance. An elegant final appearance is achieved with a low gloss matte finish technology. With Interlock Roofing, you will find an appealing color and style to suit you and your home.

Whether you choose to install your roof with an independent Interlock dealer or an affiliated contractor, you have the confidence of knowing your roofing product is environmentally sustainable, manufactured to exceed industry standards, elegantly designed, pays for itself over time, and will last as long as you live in your home.

We stand by what we sell with an industry-leading Lifetime limited, Non-prorated 50-year transferable warranty. On behalf of the Interlock Team, I am very proud to offer you not only the last roof you will ever need, but also an “Environmentally Sustainable Roofing Solution” for your home.


Mark Wenzel
Interlock Roofing