The roof looks exceptional!

Dear John, We were in the market and knew we wanted a metal roof. I came across Interlock while doing some research and contacted them immediately. While it is on the pricey side, knowing that this roof will last a lifetime is very comforting. At the time of this review, we’ve only had it for a week. The weather hasn’t been terribly hot to determine if it's cooler. Other than that, the roof looks exceptional! Plenty of materials for the roof were delivered a day prior to installation, and quite a few materials were even left over. The existing roof didn’t require removal before installation, which made it possible to install over it and complete it in five days. There was a rainstorm one of the days; otherwise, they would’ve completed the installation in four days. The three-man crew (Salvador, Esteban & Humberto) were very courteous, knowledgeable professionals and took pride in their work. Under the supervision of Jesse and the young man (Benjamin), cleaning up the area made the installation run quickly and smoothly. The entire team was a pleasure to work with!

Highly recommend Interlock! Bradley Family

Roselle, IL

The price value is worth it in the end

August 1, 2019

Dear John, Thanks for doing such a great job on our roof! We initially found out about Interlock from looking at a neighbors roof and seeing how nice it looked. We were in the market for a roof, so we asked for a referral and then contacted Interlock. John was very knowledgeable and offered some great options. We were a bit hesitant at first for two main reasons. First, we got a little sticker shock because the price was so much higher than an average roof, and Second, because we were scared the roof would be noisy when it was raining since it was metal. For one, the price value is worth it in the end. You know you received a quality roof that will be the last roof you’ll buy on that property. Comparing it to others that you’ll almost always replace in 7-10 years, this one is worth it. It also looks much more beautiful, and as far as the noise, there really is no difference. We’re happy with how the roof looks, the installation was easy, all crew members were courteous, and there have been zero issues with the roof. We already had it for a year when writing this testimonial, and we are still happy with our decision.

Thanks Nick S.

Roselle, IL

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