No more old roofing for the city dump


I’ve had a few days to get used to the look of the new roof, and I can’t believe how good it looks, nothing like the metal roofs of old. It looks like slate, exactly as you said it would.

Arthur (the roofer) was a real pleasure, polite, friendly and very hard working. He took great efforts to clean up any debris at the end of each day. He swept the lawn with a magnet to pick up any dropped nails and screws. He even painted any scratched paint work.

I have the satisfaction of knowing that the house will never need re-roofing, which means no more old roofing for the city dump, and that the new roof is made from recycled materials I couldn’t be more pleased with the new roof and I would recommend it to everybody.

Thank you to everybody at Interlock for making it happen.

John Finch
Calgary, AB

Guildquality Review
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