Our house looks better now than when it was brand new!

Well, the time had arrived – we needed to replace our shake roof, what to do, what to do!

After perusing the options, we called Interlock Roofing and a young man (young to us) named Colin came to the house with facts & figures and some really great samples that included a black shake style that caught our attention.

Interlock Roofing makes a great permanent replacement for old moss ridden, algae eaten cedar shakes, and it was just too attractive to pass up so we signed up…

I know we will never regret it – our house looks better now than when it was brand new!

The roofing crew were a delightful, friendly foursome (Interlock trained for correct installation of patented roofing system) who promptly answered any questions we had, they were meticulous in their installation and every evening, they picked up every piece of leftover stuff so our yard always looked neat at the end of the day.
From every angle, visually and financially, we are so happy that we selected Interlock Roofing for our home, it will look as good 20 years from now as it does today – and we won’t have to re-roof again!

Thanks Interlock and our roofing crew Mike & Mike, Denny & James.

Al & Fran Marcotte
Aldergrove, BC