Working right through the rainstorm


We are getting our roof done right now and have also installed snow guards as well.

Our experience with BC’s Best Roof / Interlock has been thus far excellent. Everyone from the sales crew, service manager, removal crew, and roof installers have been professional.

We must commend the 3-4 roofers that have been working right through the rainstorm trying to get our roof complete. Plus they all cleanup at the end of each day that they work.

Another day or two and they should be finished and it will be time for us to pay the bill!


Edmond Chiu
Burnaby, BC

Job well done. Will strongly recommend Interlock Roofing

Job well done. Will strongly recommend Interlock Roofing (3 inquiries so far).

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Gino & Anna Maria M.
Burnaby, BC

Many thanks for a job well done

To Whom It May Concern:

Thanks Mike for the great work you have done on our home.  The roof looks great, but more importantly, we are glad to know that the roof will provide us many years of comfort and protection.

You and your crew were extremely careful, meticulour and aware of the landscaping and trees.  You took your time and ensured the job was done right the first time.  Todd, the installation manager came by at one point to check on the work as well, which I thought was great.  You are all great guys, very knowledageble, and professional.

Many thanks for a job well done.  It was very much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Burnaby, BC