Extreme temperatures, winds and precipitation


As agreed with Marketing and Special Sales Promotions representative Bob Hunter, I am taking this opportunity to relate my full satisfaction with the Interlock Roofing System.

I first want to acknowledge Bob’s professional approach to the sale. He was able to answer all of my technical questions, made several practical suggestions based on my personal situation and negotiated a price which made the transaction possible. I spend a great deal of my time negotiating on behalf of business clients, and appreciate a professional when I meet one.

Second, I want to acknowledge the quality of the service and workmanship that Mike Smith and James, the installation crew from Kelowna demonstrated. In spite of unsettled weather, they completed the preparation and installation quickly, cleanly and with consistent courtesy and good humor. The result is simply beautiful!

Third, I want to acknowledge the quality of the product itself. In addition to the asset benefit of a permanent improvement to my property, my capacity as an instructor in Environmental Law at the University of Northern British Columbia enables me to sensitive both to the facts of global climate change and to the effect of our standard of living on the waste stream.

Regarding the former, I live in an area of Northern British Columbia which experiences wide climatic variations, including extreme temperatures, winds and precipitation. I am convinced that these extremes will increase in the future as a result of climate change, and I am confident that interlocking construction will withstand them. Regarding waste stream issues, I am very pleased to note that the interlocking shingles were installable over the existing asphalt shingles, keeping the latter out of the waste stream, and that unavoidable other wastes, primarily aluminum pieces and packaging, were fully recyclable.

I believe these technologies are the way of the future and are pleased to offer my full personal recommendation.

Yours sincerely,
Richard B. Krehbiel, LL.B
Prince George, BC