The investment is well worth it

When I was doing the research on replacing my roof on my house,  I was looking for a more environmentally friendly material and something that would keep my house cooler after a hot, sunny day.

At one of the environmental fairs I attended, I picked up a brochure describing all types of roofing materials.  I chose Interlock Roofing Systems because they offered all the features I was looking for.  The advantage of Interlock Roofing Systems is that, from the salesperson to the installers, they are part of the same company.  On the news, I had just heard of a horror story of a reputable company that used third-party installers.  They ended up cutting corners and did a terrible job for their client.

With Interlock, everything was more than satisfactory.  The installers were professional and hardworking. The product delivers what is promised.  After a hot day, my house is cooler and cools off quicker, so you get a good night’s sleep.  I had the Interlock metal slates installed and my roof looks great.  The neighborhood loves it!   And, no, it’s not noisy when it rains–it’s the same as any other roof.

One’s roof takes the most pounding on a house – rain, snow, and wind, so the investment is well worth it.  Since you are getting an environmentally friendly, attractive product, plus a great warranty, I highly recommend Interlock Roofing Systems.

Daniel Richard
Vancouver, BC