My new Interlock roof has satisfied me beyond all expectation


It has now been two years since the installation of metal interlocking shingles on the roof of my residence in Ottawa. As I indicated to the salesman at the time, if after two years I was totally satisfied with the installation and performance of my new roof I would take the time to extol the virtues of the Interlock system.

To date, I have indeed been most impressed with the performance of my roof prior to installation of the Interlock system, I was required to change the asphalt shingles on my roof every eight to ten years. Because I have a low slope roof on my home, I was not immune from the occasional leak between re-shingling jobs. Re-shingling a roof is a major financial investment, and obviously more so when considering an upgrade from the standard asphalt shingles used by the construction industry, Therefore, prior to my decision to accept the Interlock roof system, I had a number of concerns such as fading, longevity, performance, workmanship, appearance, etc. I can categorically state that, to date, initial apprehensions have not materialized. My new Interlock roof has satisfied me beyond all expectation. Besides the leak-free performance of my new root, the next greatest benefit is the appearance of the Interlock shingles versus the conventional asphalt shingles. Homes with the Interlock systems have a much greater aesthetic appearance as attested to by friends, neighbours and strangers passing through the area. This, in addition to the lifetime warranty (50 years on the resale of the home), greatly enhances the marketability of the home on re-sale. To say I am pleased as punch with my new roofing system is an understatement.

I have no objection to Interlock Industries using my endorsement of their product. I have not, nor will I receive any financial or other benefits for this endorsement. Satisfaction and peace of mind (especially when it rains) are my rewards. Thank-you Interlock Industries for a job well done.


Thank you,
R.J. Bens
Ottawa, ON

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