Complex series of dormers set on a steep pitch

Eleazor Genge was the foreman of the team of roofing contractors supplied by Interlock Industries (Ont) Inc. to reroof our house at the address above. The job was started in 2011 and completed in 2012 and involved both the installation of a new aluminum sloped roof and a new flat roof covered by a heavy rubber membrane.

This job was very technical in that the roof was a complex series of dormers set on a steep pitch. There were numerous roof sections that required the metal shingles to be custom cut and several of these sections were curved which required much skill to execute properly.

We were more than impressed with the level of craftsmanship that Mr. Genge brought to the job. His careful attention to detail and his vast knowledge of carpentry and metal work provided us with an absolutely stunning end product. We feel extremely fortunate that Mr. Genge was the foreman provided on this job and we commend his services to anyone looking to complete this type of work.

Yours truly,
Mark Quail / Lisa Hamilton
Toronto, ON

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