Enjoy the secure feeling that this roof is going to last.

It is a satisfying pleasure to recommend the Maritime Permanent Roofing System.

I made initial contact last summer and was very pleased when Ted came to see me in October. He made a very thorough and informative presentation, which in no way tried to pressure me into anything. He painstakingly explained the product to me and its installation procedures.

I was convinced, and fortunately picked the colour, dark green, that looks stunning on this older house with the same colour of shutters.

Due to some poor weather the installation process took longer than it might have, but the end result is very pleasing. I have had no problems, enjoy looking at it, and also enjoy the secure feeling that this roof is going to last.

I also enjoy telling people to come see my beautiful roof.

Throughout the process, Ted has been my ever-conscientious contact.

Most Sincerely,

Frances McBernie
Belfast, PEI

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