We look to receive years of permanent protection from the elements

Portland Roof Review

We thank you for providing such a quality product and installation which we look to receive years of permanent protection from the elements.  The installation process went very well with a very professional and courteous crew of installers.  Having dealt with a number of home improvements, including a kitchen and bathroom remodel, we appreciate the level of service the crew provided, especially providing very good communication with us.

If you need further follow up, please feel free to contact us.  Already we have had a number of people in the neighborhood stop when we are in the yard to inquire about the roof.  We are in a high-pedestrian traffic area, given the proximity of the business district, schools, transit and other services. Based on our first impressions, we have told them we are pleased with how well the installation went and foresee the benefit of this roof for us.

Hopefully, our reference will guide people to inquire directly with your company.

Portland, OR

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