Why we chose Interlock Roofing for our new roof

Edmonton, Alberta

We had purchased our home in the autumn of 1984 and in 2005 had a new asphalt roof installed.  From day one our deck was always covered with particles from those shingles. These were so called 25 year guaranteed shingles which didn’t last 10 years but we waited a couple of extra years.  We delved into the world of re-roofing and were surprised at the cost of what a new roof would cost (whether it was a tar shingled roof or a metal roof), and their warranties.

My wife was playing Mah-jongg on her iPad and an advertisement for AlbertasBestRoof.com showed up on her screen and she asked for an estimate to do our roofs (house and 2 car garage).  We were approached by Derek Bryer, a consultant for this company and he explained the differences in various roof products that were available in and outside of the company.

After the tar shingles fiasco, my wife and I already determined to go the way of a metal roof.

The night before the crew was to show up they called and said what time they would arrive in the morning.  They showed up on time at 0730 hrs (730 AM) and were finished by 1815 hrs (615 PM).  The crew was very professional and gave us an idea of what they were doing and went to work.  There were 4 in the crew and they worked as a very efficient team and the job flowed smoothly.  They also ensured that we had proper venting in the garage as there never was any venting.  They did a great clean up job and didn’t disturb any plants around the house.  They were exceedingly professional.

On July 20 the night they finished a storm rolled through and low and behold in the morning no grit on our deck or patio furniture and our water barrel had clear clean water in it (yeah!!  for the flowers and garden).  We are very pleased with the product as our house looks great and what a great future investment.

ABIC 17 082 Edmonton Asphalt Roofing


ABIC 17 082 Edmonton Re Roofing Tar Paper


ABIC 17 082 Edmonton Metal Roofing Black Slate With Snow Guards


ABIC 17 082 Edmonton Metal Roofing Black Slate With Snow Guards


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Carsten and Pat
Edmonton, AB


The first summer of the new roof was worth the project’s price and exceeded our expectations for performance

Seattle, Washington

Mr. Ross and Interlock Industries,

Kathy and I are very pleased with our new roof. During installation, your crew was able to adapt the project around our 100-year-old chimneys and finally completely seal us against leaks. The first summer of the new roof was worth the project’s price and exceeded our expectations for performance. We did not have the old problems of the attic area overheating. The attic fan barely comes on unless it is a very hot day. But we are no longer feeling the heat on the third floor, where all the bedrooms are. Less heat means more comfortable nights and sleep.

If anyone would like to see how the roof looks or performs, we would be happy to show the roof to people interested in the Interlock Industries product. Even the exterior of the house looks better, but surprisingly the roof does not look like it was covered with a metal material. The selected pattern both fits the look of the house and looks compatible with our neighborhood houses. We care very pleased with the roof and the guarantee that accompanies the roof.

Thank you for this roof.
Gerald R. & Kathleen B.
Seattle, WA

Its totally changed the way people view my home. I’m getting all kinds of compliments.

Rosemont, Ontario

I saw a home on my street that looked so striking; I knocked on the door to ask where they got their roof. The homeowner, Sebastian said that he had researched for years to pick a roof that was a good fit for his family. He chose Interlock.
I called Interlock and was contacted by a salesperson – John. We had a wonderful experience with John’s visit. He was very knowledgeable about the product and was very thorough in his explanation of how the roofing system would be installed.
The installers were very good. They were polite, courteous, and respectful of our property. They kept it very clean. They answered all my questions about what they were doing throughout the installation process. We are so happy that they were able to fix the sag in the roof.
I will install another Interlock roof in a heartbeat on any home I own. Interlock is a great organization – the people are wonderful.
I only wish I had done it earlier. My house looks so nice now. It’s totally changed the way people view my home. I’m getting all kinds of compliments.

Rosemont, ON

c/o www.aluminumroofs.ca

Des Plaines IL USA Interlock Metal Roof

Since completion, we have had two rainstorms, a four-inch snowfall, and minute heavy hailstorm

Des Plaines, Illinois

Dear Mr. Mondschean

It has been slightly more than one week since the installation was completed and I thought I would offer the following: 

  1. NOISE: Since completion, we have had two rainstorms, a four-inch snowfall, and minute heavy hailstorm. The only annoying noise experienced (…think of a loud combo of cymbals & snare drums) was during the hailstorm. However, I am sure that with standard shingles, the amplitude would have been the same, only at a lower frequency (i.e. a bowling alley and/or Niagara Falls).
  2. INSTALLATION: Juan & Alex did an excellent job exercising care around existing installations (i.e. new plantings, aerials, wiring … ) and worked diligently even during the 50mph windy/gusty Wednesday. Upon completion, clean-up was very well done … not perfect, but better than I’ve seen in the last 20 years. Jesse also did well with coordination and follow-up.
  3. SATISFACTION: I’m impressed with the materials & engineering involved in your roofing system. The interlocking method provides good rigidity & hopefully good liquid seepage resistance, while the individual shingle size should allow proper thermal expansion/contraction to prevent buckling. Visually, I’m completely satisfied. Performance-wise, ask me again in one year after everything has gone through a complete spring-summer-fall-winter cycle, thus establishing the credibility of your advertising propaganda.

Thank you for your efforts.


Ron S.
Des Plaines, IL

I am very pleased with the roof and the installation

Renton, Washington

To Ross Peterson and all the fine folks at Interlock Roofing!

Just want to say how pleased I am with my new roof. I have shown it off to a lot of people in and around my neighborhood. I have recommended 6 or 7 people to give Ross a call if they need a new roof. They say they will; I hope they do. But I am very pleased with the roof and the installation job that was done.Thanks again!

Renton WA USA Cedar Shingle Roof Prior To Tear Off
Renton WA USA Interlock Brown Cedar Shingle Metal Roof


Renton WA USA Cedar Shingle Roof Prior To Tear Off
Renton WA USA Interlock Brown Cedar Shingle Metal Roof


Roger V
Renton WA 98055

New roof has transformed this flat-roof ’60s Seattle house!

Des Moines, Washington


Thank you, Interlock Roofing, for providing a high-quality product and professional installation from which we will receive years of permanent protection from the elements. In addition, the really great thing is how the new roof has transformed this flat-roof ’60s Seattle house! We’re not in the ’60s anymore.

We’ve just completed the worst Seattle winter in 30 years, and the application and quality of the materials is beyond expectations. We have been enjoying the roof through the high winter winds and rain and hail and snow of the Pacific Northwest. People ask if it is noisy when it rains. It is even quieter than the old roof we just replaced. The installation only took about four days. Vladimir and Greg, our installers, were very friendly and worked diligently. They took the time to explain what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Their craftsmanship really shows on the finished roof, even down to the trim around the chimney. It looks great! There is no moss, no mold, and no fir needles.

We won’t hesitate to recommend Interlock Roofing whenever we have an opportunity. This company has developed a product that really measures up to everything it advertises.


Ron & Rey
Des Moines, WA

Celebrating its 100th birthday this year

Anacortes, Washington

Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems

My husband and I would like to thank you for coming to our residence and explaining your product and all of its advantages. We were very impressed at this time and excited to start the beautification process of our home, which has been in my husband’s family for 5 generations now. It has undergone many remodels, upgrades, and changes throughout the years with a lot of help from friends and family. We will be celebrating its 100th birthday this year. The new roof is definitely a wonderful way to do so! The whole Interlock family was friendly and extremely easy to work with from the beginning of this process to the end. The job was started on time and finished when promised. We are very pleased with how smoothly the project went and very thankful that we were not the ones on top of the house!

Thanks from our home to yours,
Shaun and Josh
Anacortes, WA

Campbell River, BC Canada - Colonial-Brown-Interlock-Slate-Roof

We have invested in an excellent product that is guaranteed for life

Campbell River, British Columbia

In May of this year, my husband and I purchased an Interlock Roofing System. We had met the Interlock representative, Randal at the local Home Show and made an appointment to learn more about the product.

We knew nothing about roofing prior to this experience – few people do. During his visit to our home, Randal walked us through the features and benefits of the complete range of roofing options—facts, statistics, cost comparisons, photographs. He answered our questions thoroughly and provided us with everything we needed to make an informed purchasing decision. We found Randal to be friendly, honest and trustworthy; listening to him was almost like receiving advice from a respected friend.

We have had our new roof for six months now and have often commented on the wisdom of our decision – most importantly, the comfort and security we feel knowing that we have invested in an excellent product that is guaranteed for life. The storms here can be wicked – as can be seen by the resulting damage trees, fences, and roofs.

Listening to the wind howl outside, I thought I would write this letter of support for your product, and for Randal. My husband and I are pleased to recommend Randal to anyone who is considering installing a new roof!

Donna H.
Campbell River, BC

Very professional salesman and we did not feel pressured at anytime

Victoria, British Columbia

Dear Sirs:

Just dropping you a letter to let you know how satisfied we are with the complete procedure of our dealing with your company. It started by reading your brochures and meeting with your salesman Randal at the Home Show at the Save On Centre in March. Upon speaking with Randal at the home show we set up an appointment with him to come to our home to speak to us and give us a quote for our roof. Having worked with salespeople all our lives in work and pleasure we found Randal to be a very professional salesman and we did not feel pressured at anytime. The roofing material was delivered and the installers notified us when they would be ready to start work on our roof. The installation took place as agreed upon. We have had great remarks from our neighbours stating that they were very impressed with the way the roofers worked… no loud music and no loud talking going on with the roofers while they worked. We agreed with them and had spoken between ourselves about the roofers quality of work ethics. Their clean-up was also excellent.

We are very happy with this Company and we will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the future. The roof we choose was Brown Slate and we love it and it looks great.

Yours Sincerely,
Very Happy People
Rae T. and Bev C.
Victoria, BC

Color choice never changed in spite of the weather condition here in Washington

Olympia, Washington


I am Gerry from Olympia, Washington.
A few years ago, I had my re-roofing done by INTERLOCK ROOFING SYSTEM for my house here in Olympia.

I would like to thank the INTERLOCK ROOFING SYSTEM for the best, beautiful metal roof I ever had; the color choice never changed in spite of the weather condition here in Washington.
So, if you want your home to deserving a thorough, keen, professional touch, quality, and professionalism, I would highly recommend INTERLOCK LIFETIME ROOFING SYSTEMS for your COMPLETE METAL ROOFING and be sure to call 1-888-388-8530 or Jonathan at 206-465-5516 to set up your FREE in-home consultation with one of their expert consultants.

Olympia, WA USA - Old Asphalt Roof Shingles
Olympia, WA USA - Old Asphalt Roof Shingles
Olympia, WA USA - Tile Red Interlock Metal Roof
Olympia, WA USA - Tile Red Interlock Metal Roof

Olympia, WA

Pine needles and more pine needles…

Oregon City, Oregon

Pine needles and more pine needles along with fir boughs each season covers our roof all throughout the year. We are consistently getting on the roof to blow off the needles and clean off the fir boughs. Though the job of cleaning off the roof does not take more than 3 – 4 hours, we were looking for a better way and an easier solution to our situation.

Our neighbor was in the process of getting a new roof put on; it was Interlock Roofing Systems. We asked many questions regarding their roof and the options available. Their finished roof looked great. The metal roof in the slate shingles option looked really good. They were very pleased with their roof, the installers, and the installation process.

Our sales representatives, Mike and Ross, explained the advantages of a metal roof, the benefits of Interlock Roofing and the installation process, answered all our questions and assured us that we’d be very pleased purchasing an Interlock Roof.

Peter and Victor, our installers were personable, explaining their process. We had a couple of snow and ice days prior to our scheduled date, so they had to work hard to clean off and prepare the roof. They worked very diligently in the cold and some days in the heavy rain. Our roof took a few extra days waiting for additional materials to arrive. When it was all done, February 1, 2017, our Interlock® Slate shingle roof looked great. We are pleased and are looking forward to years of our beautiful featured addition to our home.


Old Asphalt Roof Before Tear-Off - Oregon City 97045 Clackamas County


Deep Charcoal Interlock Metal Roof - Oregon City 97045 Clackamas County


Old Asphalt Roof Before Tear-Off - Oregon City 97045 Clackamas County


Deep Charcoal Interlock Metal Roof - Oregon City 97045 Clackamas County


Pat and Liz
Oregon City, OR

We were constantly replacing blown off shingles

Parkland County, Alberta

Hi Neil,

Our home is not very old, and we were constantly replacing blown off shingles and in some sections, they were even starting to curl.  We decided to look into replacing it with a maintenance free shingle, which had an actual life expectancy of more than 13 years. We contacted a few metal roof companies, and Neil from Interlock was the first company to get back to us.  Even though it was already November, they were able to put us on their winter program, and by February our roof was replaced.  It only took them two days to do, and the roofers were very meticulous about collecting fallen material and nails, during their cleanup.  Our roof looks amazing!!! Every time we pull into our driveway, it looks like a brand new home.   Interlock is a Canadian company that installs their own product, so there is no risk that warranty work would be denied because it was not installed correctly.  This was one of the reasons we decided that they were the best option for us.  The only thing we wish we had done differently, was getting our shed done too. 

Parkland County Alberta Metal Roofing

Grant & Jamie
Parkland County, AB

The house looks so much nicer than it did before with our other metal roof

Salem, Oregon

We had a metal roof already, but we wanted a nicer looking metal roof that didn’t stand out in the neighborhood.  After seeing the Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems at the Home Improvement Show, we set up an appointment.  I had already checked them out on their website, so it wasn’t whether or not we were going to do the roof, rather what style and color did we want.

Interlock kept us up to date on when they would be out here. 

The installers arrived in December 2016 and in two days we had a new roof.  They were the most polite workers that we have ever had at the house.  They showed us the material they that lay down before the roof goes on it was a very thick underlayment.

No wonder our house is 5 degrees warmer and the heater doesn’t come on as much as it did before.  They did an excellent job of clean up.  You could not even tell that we had anything done outside.

A few weeks after the roof was installed Glenn Boss and his boss showed up in person to make sure that everything was right and see if we had any questions.  You do not see this level of service anywhere.

This year here in the Pacific Northwest we have gotten a record amount of rain.  With our old metal roof, it would have been really loud, but with the Interlock Roofing System, we can barely hear it. The only way that we knew it is raining is if we hear it hit the windows or we look outside and see it coming down.

We just love our new roof!  The house looks so much nicer than it did before with our other metal roof.  And we are really enjoying how much warmer our home is now.

Jeff and Marla
Salem, OR

Is a metal tile roof more expensive?

Salem, Oregon

No more climbing around on the roof!

In the NW any roof is going to grow moss; except a metal roof. I tried zinc strips, moss killer, laundry soap, and I went up on my steep roof once or twice a year with a steel brush and a pressure washer, but it was a never-ending battle, and I wanted to retire! One neighbor’s new roof started growing moss after two years.

Another neighbor pays to have his cleaned and treated every year. Now I can look back at the problem and smile. Also, leaves and snow just slide off, and squirrels and raccoons can’t damage it. The ridge vent system is pretty cool too.

All the representatives from Interlock Roofs were impressive! The salesman was helpful, the area supervisor was amazing, and the installation crew battled with snow and ice to get the roof done with hardly a trace after the clean up (there were some small asphalt pieces hidden under the snow). They also did an excellent job of prepping the edges for the new gutters and even installed the new solar tube cap and bathroom vent, so those jobs went smoothly. The weather conditions had an impact on the schedule, but the office staff stayed in touch, so we always knew what to expect. Some questions arose between the time we contracted the job and the start, and the supervisor was here within a couple of days to answer them all.

Everyone we dealt with throughout the project was outstanding. I doubt we will have any issues with the roof, but there is a 50-year transferable warranty and a great team to back it up if any problems arise.

Is a metal tile roof more expensive? Look at the balance sheet: one roof verses four or five, an increased property value, a beautiful self-cleaning roof, more time in your life, and peace of mind or at least one less thing to worry about.

Dennis & Ann H.
Salem, Oregon

I highly recommend metal roofing

Norwell, Massachusetts

We have had significant damage due to water leaks inside our house over the past 5-6 years. The reasons behind these leaks were ice dams and icicles. Our house is facing north. It gets minimum or no direct sun exposure most winter months. Repairs were costly. The problem, however, would recur every winter. Our roof was about 15-year old and it was not in a bad shape. We had a contractor installing a reinforcement felt in the area of interest (cost about four thousand dollars labor and material) but failed to correct the issue.

After a thorough research, we were left to choose between electrical panels or a metal roof. We opted for the later, for both, safety and aesthetic reasons. We found Interlock Industries through internet-Google- search. We are pleased with our 2 choices (metal roof and Interlock) for the following reasons, with few remarks:

  • Estimate and contract: Done properly, in a pressure-free environment. Larry Ebbs understood and executed his role well.

  • Communication and coordination: With the central office were excellent (Jennifer Simons)

  • Execution: A highly professional crew. Neat, detail-oriented, highly efficient, and courteous workers. 2 caveats:
    The crew who worked on our house was not fluent in English, and communication, when occasionally needed, had to happen over a cell phone.
    The start was phenomenally fast; completing the job dragged a bit longer.

  • Cost: Expensive upfront. About 3 times the cost of a shingle roof; cost will go down to about 2.5x with discounts and incentives. Financing option is available, but the interest rate is relatively high.
    A tax credit is available since (Interlock) metal roofs are energy efficient.

  • Head Roofer: Paul McAllister is outstanding (as a person and as far as quality of work). In addition to the metal roof, Paul and his crew successfully fixed a chronic leak from a small flat roof in the back of the house. This is a leak that we tried to repair at least twice (different contractors) without success.

  • Results: * Functionality: We have had 2 major snow storms this winter, between 12-15 inches of snow each time, comparable to prior years. We are delighted to announce that we have not had any leaks. Ice dams continued to form, mainly in the northern section of the house (where the insulation, we believe, is imperfect), but they are much smaller in size and fewer in number. No further icicles noted (make sure you don’t stand underneath the roof after a snowy day, as the snow slides off the roof like an avalanche).
    One downside is the noise caused by the rain drops. This noise is here to stay and will bother some people.
    * Appearance: The roof look is outstanding. Sharp and perfect geometry. The color contrasts nicely with the paint.

  • Overall: If you live in a snowy region, and you are planning on replacing the roof of your home for functional or aesthetic reasons, or for both, I highly recommend metal roofing.
    I also recommend metal roofing for new constructions in these areas as well.
    If you decide to go with a metal roof, Interlock Industries (New England) will meet or exceed your expectations.


MANE 16 058 Before 1


MANE 16 058 Before 2


MANE 16 058 After 1


MANE 16 058 After 2


MANE 16 058 After 4


MANE 16 058 After 5


Jean-Pierre G.
Norwell, Massachusetts