The ice dam problem we had has been eliminated

Last summer we purchased an Interlock roof. I would like to pass on to you some of our thoughts on the roof and the crew that installed the roof.

We were very pleased with the installation crew. They were here when they said they would be and they were very efficient in the job they did. There was no loud talking or foul language and at the end of each day they always cleaned up after themselves.

They did what we expected them to do and the job was finished on time as promised.

We are also pleased with the performance of the roof. It has done everything we were told it would do. The snow slid off the roof when it was only about three inches deep.

The ice dam problem we had has been eliminated.

And the roof withstood the big wind storm we recently had. Not only does the roof do what it is supposed to do, it also looks very nice!

So far we have been very pleased with the roof.

Ken and Tami Yockey
Chugiak, Alaska