The installation team was courteous and professional!

Of the five name brand roofing contractors I screened for this project I chose Interlock and I am very pleased with the roof. Coordination and communication was critical especially since Interlock was to perform the installation immediately following another contractor performing a siding replacement. Communication with the interlock team was great and they remained flexible. Interlock was able to adjust their installation timeline as issues popped up with the siding project. Interlock promptly scheduled and dispatched materials and crew as soon as the siding contractor cleared out. I was a bit concerned about introducing a metal roof to the neighborhood, but could not be happier with the end result. In an effort to help tie everything together I had the siding contractor match the fascia wrap and gutters to the interlock roof black slate finish.

The installation team was courteous, professional, and they notified me of any issues they ran across with the structure during the tear-off phase. Clean-up performed by the installation team was better than that performed by other contractors that had worked at the site. Great attention to detail and they took extra measures to protect sensitive areas around the house. I am currently working with their finance department as I Refinance the house and they are by far the friendliest finance team I have ever worked with. Great communication and customer care standards!

The roof looks amazing and definitely grabs the attention of people driving by. The most amusing reaction so far was while I was watering the plants in the front yard a vehicle drove by, stopped abruptly, turned around, and pulled up into the driveway. A salesman in corporate attire for another roofing company stepped out of the vehicle and started asking questions about the roof. I was very familiar with the brand he represented because their product is rated among the best asphalt roofing products in the country. I thought that was quite amusing because here I am giving him contact information for a competitor . He was interested in something similar for his home so we talked for a bit about the Interlock Roof and he was very impressed. Reminded me of those old Coke versus Pepsi commercials.


Damon G.
Graham, WA

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