Clever and unique interlocking design


Now that our new Interlock Roofing system has been installed, we find the look to be extraordinary! It boasts sophistication and looks clean and elegant. This product is impressive not only by its looks but also by its clever and unique interlocking design.

Almost more important than the attractive look of our new roof, is the peace of mind we have gained with its many features. It’s a relief not to have to be concerned about losing shingles as a result of the high winds we experience regularly in our area. Also having experienced ice dams this past winter, it is reassuring to know that they cannot occur with the design of this product. We are impressed with its many features and in addition to the two already mentioned, the inability of the shingles to curl, being fireproof and the reflective properties are features that caught our attention. Knowing the product is guaranteed to last a lifetime and never having to re-roof is an added bonus.

The installation of our new roof began four weeks after the materials have been delivered, and then took another four full weeks to complete the actual installation process. Although hampered by a couple of days of strong winds and a couple more of rain, Eric, our installer did an awesome job of handling our installation. He was very professional and personable at all times and was willing to answer and explain our questions. Eric is obviously very skilled at his profession and pays attention to detail, which contributed greatly to the outcome of our new roof.

We would recommend this roofing system to anyone wanting to improve the look and value of their home, but would also cautioned him about the lengthy installation process and the inaccurate scheduling information we received. We believe this to be an outstanding product despite these problems.

Donald S.
Orland Park, IL

Guildquality Review
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