Environmentally friendly and built to last!

The house is 16 years old. The roof tiles were beginning to curl and I thought it was time to get a new roof. I consulted a company I had employed in the past and they offered me a roof with a 50 year warranty for about $28,000. I told my optician about their offer and he told me not to use them but to try Interlock. He had had a good experience with Interlock and recommended them to me. He gave me the BBB number to make the connection. Interlock offered me a limited lifetime warranty with a far superior product which is energy efficient, color fading resistant for many years,weather and wind resistant, and environmental friendly made of 95% recyclable material. Up to a degree it is fire resistant, too. Pigeons are not attracted to it and that is marvelous because before I had a lot of pigeons sitting on top of it and getting a lot of droppings from them. Not now. The work was done in about a week and a half. The workers worked constantly and were courteous and friendly. All spoke Spanish, my mother tongue. That made it pleasanter. I was surprised Hispanics were involved in this industry. Now I have a new roof from Interlock, new gutters from Leaf Guard, and new windows and doors from the Power Remodeling Group, all with limited lifetime warranty. As a senior citizen, I cannot ask foranything more as my income becomes fixed in a few years.



Ana C. Melecio

Chelsea, MA