I truly expect this roof to last and look great for generations

Roseville Roof Review

Dear Peter,

My Interlock Shake Style Roof in Aged Copper color was installed between December 21st and December 31st. Snow has covered most of the house and garage since it was installed, so I haven’t been able to enjoy the new look yet, but during the installation and before the snow it was obvious it is going to look great. I am glad I had them put Interlock Shakes on my 8ft x 16ft hip roofed storage shed as well.

“I am a retired mechanical engineer … I studied the specs … before finally settling on the Interlock product.”

There are a lot of huge oak trees close to my house and they had caused the heavy cedar hand-split shakes to deteriorate from moss growing on them. I knew I needed a roof that would not have this problem in the future. I am a retired mechanical engineer, and had built the house and garage myself. I studied the specs on steel, stone coated steel and several aluminum style shakes, before finally settling on the Interlock product. I believe it will prove to be a good choice.

I was very impressed with the quality and design of all the types of flashings, ridge vent, and fasteners that were expertly installed. I truly expect this roof to last and look great for generations.

I was also very impressed with the crew who did the work under Juan and Carlos’ direction. They
worked tirelessly in some difficult weather conditions and short daylight hours. A number of minor
changes were made on the fly with gutters, snow guards and roof penetrations and they were all
executed precisely. They were very careful in making sure the roofs were protected overnight, on
weekends and during the Christmas holiday. They did a great job of cleaning up the difficult mess made
removing the decayed shakes.

Thanks and regards, Lloyd W.
Roseville, MN 55113


Sizeable discount on our homeowners’ insurance because of the roof’s resistance to fire

Roseville Roof Review

Dear Peter,

Installing the Interlock roof on our home has completely transformed and improved our home’s appearance. The installation of the roof along with the greatly improved flashings have made a great difference. Because of that, our stucco was able to match our home so we look like new.

An improvement I didn’t expect was the change in temperature of our second floor. Usually unbearable hot on a 90 degree day. It’s now 10-15 degree cooler and livable.

“An improvement I didn’t expect was the change in temperature of our second floor. It’s now 10-15 degrees cooler and livable.”

We also received a sizeable discount on our homeowners’ insurance because of the roof’s resistance to fire.

We’re sure that having to “Never roof  again” will help us sell our house should that be necessary.

Thank you from two satisfied customers.

Sincerely, Philip and Myra T.
Roseville, MN 55113


Quieter During Rain Storms Than With Regular Asphalt Shingles

Dear Interlock Roofing,

We are writing to share with you our experience with you, your employees, and the new roof. We built a brand new home and moved in January 1997. Within a few years, we were experiencing shingles that were curling and being removed by the wind. By the summer of 2007, it was imperative that we reroof our home. Fortunately, we saw an ad in the local paper for your product. Below are just a few of the benefits we appreciate with the aluminum interlocking roofing shingles:

The service and attention to our roofing project by Scott Bohnen from signing the contract to follow‐up after the installation.

  • The fact that the workforce followed safety procedures by wearing safety gear (we have a steep roof).
  • Daily attention to our project until it was completed, about one week in total.
  • Aesthetically pleasing roof, with numerous comments by friends and neighbors and those just passing by. EXCELLENT CURB APPEAL!
  • The roof is quieter during rain storms than with regular asphalt shingles. We often have to verify that it is raining by visually looking or going outside.
  • The roof reflects light so that we have experienced reduced air conditioning costs in the summer. In the winter, the heating bill is reduced as well and that may be in part to the aluminum shingle along with the polypropylene lining between the old and new shingles. No matter the reason, our heating and cooling bills are reduced.
  • The fact that the roof is aluminum and it can be recycled at the end of its life expectancy.
  • The 50‐year, one time transferrable, warranty.

We could go on and on but we are very pleased with our roof and thankful that we will never have to reroof again. Thank you.




Elaine Johnson and Peggy Heslop
Roseville, MN 55113

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The crew was first rate – very professional and efficient.

Well, the roof is on and I guess I owe you folks a testimonial.

It looks great!  We chose a black slate style shingle which accentuates our mansard roof very nicely with crisp, clean lines.  We are getting lots of compliments from our neighbors.  The best part is knowing that our roof will continue to look great for many, many years – long after conventional asphalt shingles would be cracking, curling, fading, streaking and collecting mold and mildew.

The crew was first rate – very professional and efficient.  It was fun to watch them work.  Every single man seemed to know exactly what to do at all times.  The process looked like a choreographed event.  They were thorough and cleaned up after themselves at every step and, unlike some roofing jobs I’ve seen, they always immediately replaced what they tore out so that the house was never exposed to weather when they left the job at the end of the day.

Finally, we really appreciated the “good faith” method of doing business with Interlock.  We didn’t pay a dime up front or during the roofing process.  Only after we had made a final inspection and approved the job were we asked for payment.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Interlock roofing to anyone replacing a roof or building a new house.

Byron and Teresa Kolz
Plymouth, MN



Submitted on www.minnesotasbestroof.com