Exceptional service before, during and after the sale

Fayetteville, NC

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for an absolutely outstanding job in recommending, selling and installing an Interlock aluminum slate shingle roof to our home in Fayetteville, NC in October 2014. You and your team did an amazing job!

We sincerely appreciate your help in recommending the Interlock aluminum slate product. After considerable research, and based on your recommendations about the quality of this product versus standing seam and other aluminum shingle products, we decided to purchase and install the Interlock product. The service that you provided after the sale, keeping us informed about ridge venting systems and the installation process was extremely valuable. The bottom line is that you provided exceptional service before, during and after the sale, and during the installation process.

I also want to commend your installation team, led by Mr. Santiago lzaquire. This crew worked extremely hard, from arrival on the job site to almost dark, every day of the four-day installation process. In addition to a flawless installation job, they willingly answered questions, addressed concerns, cleaned up exceptionally well every day, and were an absolute pleasure to have at our home. You are commended for having such an outstanding crew.

In summary, we are extremely pleased with the Interlock product, and could not be happier.

Best regards and thank you again for an exceptional experience.

Scott D
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Already Receiving A Lower Utility Bill

We knew that we wanted a metal roof but simply did not like the long lines that we’ve seen on commercial buildings. Interlock shingles supplied both the metal roof and the regular shingle look. The bonus is the lifetime guarantee. We can’t wait to see how it cools our home this summer.

We are already receiving a lower utility bill. Neighbors and friends are making inquiries. I’m sure you’re receiving call and questions. We are completely satisfied.



Doris Sweat
Garysburg, NC

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Our bill is lower than last year at the same time.

Raleigh, NC Roof Review

Dear Interlock,

We are so happy with our new roof! We have received many comments from friends and family about how great it looks!

We want to thank you for a job well done. We expected a big mess with the old roof coming off and the new roof being put on. Santiago, the foreman on our job was amazing. His team worked quickly on both the house and the garage. Pulling off the old roof was a big job, but his team got it off in record time. They were also careful to pick up all debris and leave the area around the house looking clean after they finished. Santiago would answer all questions and even had my husband on the roof to look how the installation was going.

The roof was put on in the spring. We were anxious to see how it would affect our cooling bill in the summer. So far this year, we have had some weeks of extremely hot temperatures. Our attic area has been much cooler than in past years! Our bill is lower than last year at the same time. We are impressed! We are looking forward to comparing the winter last year to our winter this year where the heating is concerned.

One of the best features of our new roof is that we never have to worry about it again. It will last our lifetime! There are not many things around the house that we can say that about.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience with your company!


Rob and Renee Souza
Raleigh, NC

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The Roof Has Definitely Given New Life To Our Old Home.

Raleigh, NC Roof Review

Dear Interlock,

We love our new weathered slate Interlock roof. It is beautiful and has really enhanced the look of our 1925 home. Your installers were a pleasure to work with and addressed all of my picky concerns. They did a fabulous job cleaning up the property after they finished installation. The roof has definitely given new life to our old home.

It would be my pleasure to talk with any of your potential customers. You have my permission to give them my phone number.

Thank you for a job well done.

Betsey Ann Lumsden
Raleigh, NC

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We look forward to having lower cooling bills.

Winston-Salem, NC Roof Review

Here are my thoughts on our new Interlock roof….

A few weeks ago, we had an Interlock roof installed. The aluminum charcoal slate imitation shingles look great.  From the street, it does not stand out as being different that other roofs in the area with the following exceptions:

  1. It is definitely more reflective of sunlight than other rooftops.
  2. It does not have any long black streaks of mold on it –  like more than 90% of the other roofs in the neighborhood.
  3. Before the roof was put up, the temperature in our attic exceeded 130 degrees F. That’s with an outside temperature exceeding 95 degrees F. After the Interlock roof shingles and a ridge vent were installed, the attic temperature has not exceeded 110 degree F. We look forward to having lower cooling bills.

This roof has met all the criteria that we were looking for.  It has a lifetime warranty. It is made from recycled materials. It will not end up in a landfill someday like all other roofs in the area. It will reflect radiant heat away from the house and lower our attic temperature. It will withstand strong winds and hail storms. It is mold resistant.


Chris and Della Oberst
Winston-Salem, NC

Their attention to detail, knowledge of roofing systems and thoroughness was much appreciated.

Cary, NC Roof Review

I wanted to drop you this note to lt you know how thrilled I am with the new Interlock Roofing System installed on my home. I just moved in last fall and had been brainstorming ways I could give the exterior a face-lift to give the home a more current look. The new roof completely changed and upgraded the look of my home, and I can check two things off my home improvement list with the one project.

The things that sold me on the roof originally were the Energy Star rating and the lifetime warranty. I am looking forward to see how much energy bills drop in the coming months, and it is comforting to know I will never need to replace this roof again.

In addition to the great look, David and his crew that did the installation were outstanding. Their attention to detail, knowledge of roofing systems and thoroughness was much appreciated. The guys worked long hours in extreme heat to complete the installation. I also appreciated their cleaning up each day after they left. I have three dogs, and I always knew it would be safe for them to run and play in the yard, throughout the entire installation process.

Several neighbors have stopped by asking about the roof and everyone has nothing but compliments to say. I recommend the Interlock Roofing System to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, environmentally friendly, long-term, and cost effective roofing solution.

Thanks for all your help and for bringing this great product to North Carolina.


Linda Smith
Cary, NC