Milwaukee, WI — Roof Review — Great job, looks awesome

Glenview, IL — Roof Review — The workers on this installation were some of the best I’ve ever had

Dousman, WI — Roof Review — The product is terrific!

Jamesville, WI — Roof Review — We look forward to many years of a maintenance free roof

Appleton, WI – Completion Letter

Winston-Salem, NC — Roof Review — We look forward to having lower cooling bills

Cascade, WI — Roof Review — Keith and crew were great!

Seattle, WA — Roof Review — Workers knew their craft and did an excellent job

Cary, NC — Roof Review — The new roof completely changed and upgraded the look of my home

Kewaskum, WI — Roof Review — The installers did an excellent job

Silverdale Roofing Review 2010-06-30

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Vlad and John are great – caring, kind, courteous, polite – they truly care about the job they do.  Give them a raise.

1.  Did you receive all materials and services presented to you by our company representative?  YES
2.  Are you completely satisfied with the product and workmanship?  YES – EXTREMELY
3.  Were our installers courteous and professional in their work?  YES – EXTREMELY
4.  Was all of the excess debris removed from your property and the area thoroughly cleaned up upon completion of the installation?  YES 
5.  Would you recommend our company to others as dealing fairly and in good faith?  YES ABSOLUTELY – ADD MY NAME TO THE RECOMMENDED LIST

Seattle, WA — Roof Review — I would retain these people!

Chelmsford, MA — Roof Review — Workers made very effective use of time

Brush Prairie, WA — Roof Review — Installers did an excellent job

Mount Vernon, WA — Roof Review — Great job, fast work too!

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