Silverdale Roofing Review 2010-04-16

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Workmanship exceeded our expectations.  They had to do a lot of extra unanticipated work and stayed late into the night to complete it.  The crew was great!

1.  Did you receive all materials and services presented to you by our company representative?  YES
2.  Are you completely satisfied with the product and workmanship?  YES
3.  Were our installers courteous and professional in their work?  YES
4.  Was all of the excess debris removed from your property and the area thoroughly cleaned up upon completion of the installation?  YES
5.  Would you recommend our company to others as dealing fairly and in good faith?  YES

Belleville, WI – Completion Letter

Mishicot, WI — Roof Review — They were wonderful workers and hard workers

We Would Definitely Recommend An Interlock Roof!

To Whom it may concern:

This letter has been a long time in coming.  My husband and I had an Interlock Roof installed in November, 2009 and have been meaning to tell you how pleased we are with the look of the new roof and the service provided by the installers ~ Nazaar and Vitality.  We’ve gotten many questions and compliments from friends, neighbors and passersby.

Both our home and detached garage needed to be re-roofed, with both requiring removal of the old roofing material and the installation of plywood before applying the Interlock product.  We were originally told that it would take up to 2 weeks for the job to be completed.  To our amazement, the job was completed within a week’s time and that included inclement weather!

Nazaar and Vitaliy put in very long days, were very polite, honored their commitments and ALWAYS cleaned everything up before they left for the day.  We have children and a dog and found not one nail in the yard after the job was completed.  Based on this experience and a product that speaks for itself, we would definitely recommend an Interlock Roof!

Best regards,

Sylvie and Chris Sachs
Rocky Hill, Connecticut

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New Prague, MN — Roof Review — The crew was great – very professional

Bremerton, WA — Roof Review — “No Worries” in Bremerton

Madison, WI — Roof Review — Our gorgeous house with an equally gorgeous roof

Albany, NY — Roof Review — Superior workmanship and quality of the roofing products

Waterford, WI — Roof Review — I never really thought I could be thrilled about a roof

Salem, NH — Roof Review — Gives our home a new distinguished look

East Swanzey, NH — Roof Review — You’re not kidding! This is one fantastic roofing material

Seattle, WA — Roof Review — Reliable when it comes to heavy rains and winds

Shoreline, WA — Roof Review — Our new roof is so beautiful…

Oak Harbor, WA — Roof Review — Their work was done to the highest expectations.

Bremerton, WA — Roof Review — It is BEAUTIFUL!

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