We look forward to having lower cooling bills

Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Here are my thoughts on our new Interlock roof….

A few weeks ago, we had an Interlock roof installed. The aluminum charcoal slate imitation shingles look great.  From the street, it does not stand out as being different than other roofs in the area with the following exceptions:

  1. It is definitely more reflective of sunlight than other rooftops.
  2. It does not have any long black streaks of mold on it –  like more than 90% of the other roofs in the neighborhood.
  3. Before the roof was put up, the temperature in our attic exceeded 130 degrees F. That’s with an outside temperature exceeding 95 degrees F. After the Interlock roof shingles and a ridge vent was installed, the attic temperature has not exceeded 110 degrees F. We look forward to having lower cooling bills.

This roof has met all the criteria that we were looking for.  It has a lifetime warranty. It is made from recycled materials. It will not end up in a landfill someday like all other roofs in the area. It will reflect radiant heat away from the house and lower our attic temperature. It will withstand strong winds and hail storms. It is mold resistant.


Chris and Della Oberst
Winston-Salem, NC

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