The Best Roof for Coastal Salt Air + High-Winds. Bonus: Aluminum doesn't Rust.

This coastal home has a Deep Charcoal Interlock Metal Slate Roof that is perfect for high wind areas. The 4-way interlocking design provides extra protection against strong gusts and will not rust like other roofs on the market due to its Alunar Coating System which reduces salt spray damage even more so you can enjoy your time outside without worrying about corrosion or degradation of materials over time!

Installation: July 20, 2022.
Photo: August 10, 2022.

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We just had a tremendous rain storm, the roof did amazing

Alsea, Oregon


From the ordering process that began in January to the actual install of the roof in November, the communication could have been better. The charcoal gray “slate” roof was installed a few days ago and we just had a tremendous rain storm, the roof did amazing. The workers who showed up were fast and professional and finished the job in 3 days. After they were done, they did a thorough site cleaning. The roof was definitely more costly than a conventional shingle roof and took some extra effort and delay to get scheduled, but we believe it was well worth it.

Jeff Alexander
Alsea, OR 97324

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Interlock was easy to work with and we love the results

Beaverton, Oregon


Everything went smoothly from sales to installation. Installing a metal roof was more expensive than most other materials, but it’s going to last 40 years+ and the warrantee can be transferred to the next owner. We’re not handy and this is a huge peace of mind. We loved that this company does not subcontract and actually trains its crews on how to exclusively use their system of interlocking roof tiles. Because of this, the crew gets to work straight away, knows what their doing, and finish quickly. The things that took the longest to install were the skylights because they had to be custom made. That said, they placed a sufficient cover over the holes on the roof that held up to rain and tree debris. Interlock was easy to work with and we love the results!

Service: Metal Roof Installation
Roof Type: Musket Grey Interlock Slate
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Claire Reneau
Beaverton, OR 97005

I live in a forest near the Oregon Coast. The original reason I wanted to purchase a metal roof was basically for fire prevention. Composition shingles are the worst type of roof you can have when living in a forested area; metal roofs are the best.

On September 11, 1992 I was on the island of Kauai, Hawaii when Hurricane Iniki, a Category-5 hurricane, took a direct hit. For our emergency shelter, we took refuge at the newly built Kauai Community College. We were told it had been built to hurricane standards and was safe. The college had a metal roof made of long slates stretching from the top to bottom. As the hurricane grew in strength, I watched the slate at one side of the building starting to flap…then flap more and more until it went flying into the air. Then, I watched the slate next to it do the same. This went on and on. When the eye of the hurricane went over us and everything slowed down, the people in that building rushed over to our building. For some reason our building’s roof held.

Living on the Oregon Coast we get high winds every year. When I was informed about how the Interlock roof is tied together, I was sold on purchasing that style. Now, my roof can withstand up to a 180 per hour wind gust. I also like it’s look. After it was installed I sent a photo to a friend and her reaction was: “I thought you were going to buy a metal roof.” The roof even has a slate look to it.

I used to own a business where we sent installation crews all across the country to install our multiple-run kennels. I know the importance of having a crew that knows what they are doing and are good representatives of our business. I give the Interlock installation crew an A+. They not only know what they are doing, but they are HARD WORKERS as well. On my job they went way beyond just roofing my house. They tore out the dilapidated structure around my chimney and built me a completely new one. They also added new flashing at the bottom of my roof windows, so I no longer have a problem with runoff ruining my wooden frame.

I now have a new roof that will last much longer than me. It has added value to my home and peace of mind to me. When considering a new roof, I highly recommend Interlock.

Guy F.
A Satisfied Customer
Logsden, OR 97357

Guildquality Review

I’ve had this roof for about 18 months now. I am very happy with it and was quite pleased with the pre-sale discussion and the actual installation. I never thought a roof was something that you would get compliments on, but I certainly get them. I figured why get a roof that would last me for 5 to 10 years when I can get one that will last virtually my lifetime? Very happy all around.

Gina C.
Portland, OR 97217

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Cannot rave highly enough about the best experience I’ve ever had with a company and their employees. Their professionalism and workmanship was amazing. Interlock Metal Roofing did an exceptional job. The metal roof looks great on my historic house and I continue to get compliments from the neighbors on how nicely the roof adds the finishing touch to the “1903 old lady. The roofers were incredible, arriving promptly first thing in the morning (7:30 am) and working every day until it was dark (8:30 pm). They would have finished the roof in the two week period they had scheduled, but to all of our surprise, it was discovered that they had to remove four roofs installed on top of each other, before they could install the new roof. There were no complaints, even though it added two extra work days to their schedule. They obviously left the place better than they found it and I couldn’t be happier.

Christine C.
Cottage Grove, OR

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Our energy bill is down


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Interlock gave us step by step on what to expect during the whole process of buying and installing our roof! Our energy bill is down, and the roof looks amazing! They fixed our back Desk, so there are no more leaks! The installers were fast and professional. They cleaned up everything before leaving at the end. I was very pleased with the whole process! Thank you, Interlock!

Services: Roof installation, Attic venting

Katreena W.
Dallas, OR

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I love my Interlock Metal Roof! It makes my whole house look more beautiful. I was so impressed by how quickly and efficiently the roof was installed. It will be a while before I retire, but when I do I want to spend my time and money on travel and other fun things. I am so glad I never have to worry about re-roofing then or ever again! Not only that, but my roof will be just as beautiful then as it is now. If you are thinking about re-roofing, give Interlock a look.

Louisa H.
Corvallis, OR

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Portland Or Interlock Shake Deep Charcoal Metal Roof

At the recommendation of a neighbor, we chose Interlock Roofing and we couldn’t be happier.  We’ve been homeowners for 40+ years and fortunately have never had to worry about a roof, as our houses were new, and we moved somewhat frequently.  Then two years ago we bought a second home on the Oregon Coast and knew we would have to replace the roof within a few years.  Until finding out about Interlock, I fretted about having it replaced.  

So, after having our second home’s roof replaced, I asked Damon to inspect our main, 16-year old house in Portland.  He thought it had anywhere from 2 to 5 years life in it, but we opted to have it replaced for three reasons.  First, why wait for a leak, second, because the warranty is going to outlive me and finally…it will never be cheaper.  The roof is absolutely beautiful and is the envy of the neighborhood.  

Dealing with Interlock has been such a pleasure on ALL fronts.  The communication throughout the process was flawless.  They did everything and more that was promised.  Very few products and services have ever impressed me more.

Steve G.
Portland, OR

Guildquality Review

We are very pleased with our new Interlock roof.  While our house is nearly 100 years old, the new roof fits perfectly with the style and enhances the look of our home.  We began receiving compliments from our neighbors almost immediately.

Michael Laduke and his crew were professional and courteous, keeping the surrounding yard clean of debris and closing the gates each day to prevent our dog from escaping.  Although the crew was slightly delayed due to an unfortunate encounter with a deer on the road, the work was completed just before the Thanksgiving holiday, adding the health and wellbeing of the crew and the beauty and protection of a new roof to our list of things to be thankful for.

We greatly appreciate Mr. Laduke’s commitment to detail and his personal assurance that the project was completed before the holiday weekend.  We would most certainly recommend Interlock Roofing Systems to anyone considering roof replacement.

Pat and Sally McCurdy
Portland, OR

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The roof looks beautiful, way better than an asphalt roof


To Interlock,

My wife and I needed a new roof and we wanted something that would last and look great. We found an Interlock booth at our local home improvement show and saw a great product that met all our requirements. Even though the Interlock roof is expensive, I knew it would last longer than any number of regular roofs. The installers were a great bunch of guys and they did a professional installation. The roof looks beautiful, way better than an asphalt roof. Thanks, Interlock.

This installation required 23 sqs. of Deep Charcoal Interlock Slate. We removed two layers of asphalt composition roof shingles.

Greg & Dianne Hopkins
Eugene, OR, 97401

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Pine needles and more pine needles

Oregon City, Oregon


Pine needles and more pine needles along with fir boughs each season covers our roof all throughout the year. We are consistently getting on the roof to blow off the needles and clean off the fir boughs. Though the job of cleaning off the roof does not take more than 3 – 4 hours, we were looking for a better way and an easier solution to our situation.

Our neighbor was in the process of getting a new roof put on; it was Interlock Roofing Systems. We asked many questions regarding their roof and the options available. Their finished roof looked great. The metal roof in the slate shingles option looked really good. They were very pleased with their roof, the installers, and the installation process.

Our sales representatives, Mike and Ross, explained the advantages of a metal roof, the benefits of Interlock Roofing and the installation process, answered all our questions and assured us that we’d be very pleased purchasing an Interlock Roof.

Peter and Victor, our installers were personable, explaining their process. We had a couple of snow and ice days prior to our scheduled date, so they had to work hard to clean off and prepare the roof. They worked very diligently in the cold and some days in the heavy rain. Our roof took a few extra days waiting for additional materials to arrive. When it was all done, February 1, 2017, our Interlock Slate shingle roof looked great. We are pleased and are looking forward to years of our beautiful featured addition to our home.

Pat and Liz
Oregon City, OR 97045

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The only way that we knew it is raining is if we hear it hit the windows or we look outside and see it coming down.

Salem, Oregon


We had a metal roof already, but we wanted a nicer looking metal roof that didn’t stand out in the neighborhood.  After seeing the Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems at the Home Improvement Show, we set up an appointment.  I had already checked them out on their website, so it wasn’t whether or not we were going to do the roof, rather what style and color did we want.

Interlock kept us up to date on when they would be out here.

The installers arrived in December 2016 and in two days we had a new roof.  They were the most polite workers that we have ever had at the house.  They showed us the material they that lay down before the roof goes on it was a very thick underlayment.

No wonder our house is 5 degrees warmer and the heater doesn’t come on as much as it did before.  They did an excellent job of clean up.  You could not even tell that we had anything done outside.

A few weeks after the roof was installed Glenn Boss and his boss showed up in person to make sure that everything was right and see if we had any questions.  You do not see this level of service anywhere.

This year here in the Pacific Northwest we have gotten a record amount of rain.  With our old metal roof, it would have been really loud, but with the Interlock Roofing System, we can barely hear it. The only way that we knew it is raining is if we hear it hit the windows or we look outside and see it coming down.

We just love our new roof!  The house looks so much nicer than it did before with our other metal roof.  And we are really enjoying how much warmer our home is now.

Jeff and Marla
Salem, OR 97302

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