I do not anticipate any problems for the next 50+ years

February 26, 2024

To whom it may concern I would like to commend you on your roofing products, and your choice employees. I recently had my roof replaced by your firm, I have received multiple compliments as to how nice it looks and enhances the appearance of my home. All your employees have been top notch, honest and genuinely helpful. Ross, your salesman, was great. He did not pressure us, we felt that he had our best interest at heart. He pointed out the options and showed us ways that we could reduce the financial impact. The two installers were Ukrainian. I did not get their names, but they were respectful and very business-like. They took their job very seriously and worked sunup to sundown (10 + hours) for the three days they were here. l did not see them take a break during that time. Lastly, Renee in the office was charged with the task of reminding me of the payment schedule, she did so with a great attitude and friendliness. Our experience was very positive. I would recommend your business to anyone looking for a new roof. Our job was accomplished with minimal interruption to our life. Our home was left pretty much as it was found except, we have a new roof. I do not anticipate any problems for the next 50+ years.

Respectfully Paul and Donna C.

Hoquiam, WA

Interlock Roofing is hands down the best!

November 11, 2023

By far the best purchase we’ve made for our home. Patrick and Greg were amazing! Installation was quick and there wasn’t any mess left behind. If you have ever thought about getting a metal roof Interlock Roofing is hands down the best!

Jeff T.

Olympia, WA

Google Review

The snow simply slid off. It was incredible.

January 10, 2023

This is probably the most professional experience I have had in years. I was blown away. From the time I contacted them, they were on time and did exactly what they said they would do the whole way through. Someone is doing an excellent job of directing this company. I need to contact Paul or Ross because I have more roofs to put on. I would give them a rating of 475! My roof cost twice as much as any other bid, but I am ten times happier than I would have been with any other roof. People who see this roof compliment me on it. It will be spectacular once I finish the entire roof. The roof is stunning! There was no snow on the new roof when it stopped snowing last week; the snow simply slid off. It was incredible.

John L.

Everson, WA


Interlock installed a great metal shingle roof on our house

November 28, 2022

Interlock installed a great metal shingle roof on our house. They worked with us to make sure all of our concerns were addressed. The installation crew was professional and polite, answered all questions, and worked diligently to install a beautiful roof.

Tom Sim

Langley, WA 98260

It doesn't look like a metal roof

June 10, 2022

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Thank you Interlock for our beautiful new roof! Installation was great from start to finish. We have lots of neighbors walking by and saying “wow” and that it doesn’t look like a metal roof. We are so happy to have our “forever” roof and to never have to re-roof again! 😀 Only wish we had done it SOONER! After_Waev21051_Woodinville-Wa-98077_Interlock-Metal-Roofing_Deep-Charcoal-Aluminum-Roof-Shingles-Solar-Crystalline-Panels-2 After_Waev21051_Woodinville-Wa-98077_Interlock-Metal-Roofing_Deep-Charcoal-Aluminum-Roof-Shingles-Solar-Crystalline-Panels-1

Jay C. 

Woodinville, WA

Beautiful and functional Interlock roof that is quiet when it rains

December 10, 2020

Just a few days ago my husband and I were excited to see our new Interlock aluminum roof completed in the gorgeous eye popping finish of copper penny shake topping our newly purchased log home in Bellingham WA. We are so thankful for the signage that the company uses when completing new roofs because when we were first looking at our home and considering a purchase we happened to drive by a house just down the road that had the same copper finish aluminum Interlock roof that we eventually decided on. Seeing this roof installed on another house was the impetus that we needed to call the company and begin our inquiry well before we even purchased our home. We did our homework and considered other roofing materials and companies, but Interlock stood out in our minds as our top choice. The Interlock salesmen, Ross and Paul also went out of their way to come and look at the home and the roofing and bring samples to put on the roof for us to see during our inspection period. They also met with us immediately after closing on a Sunday as we wanted to lock in on a date for installation as soon as we could. We have a very large square footage of roofing, as well as a roof line that is very prominent on the house and we wanted to do something to enhance the stately character for what is definitely a very magical house and property. We have only now owned our house for less than two months, and already have our beautiful new roof completely installed. As we closed on our house in mid-October and we live in the Pacific NW near the Canadian border, this is already a feat. The team of roofers who were sent by Interlock to do our installation were some of the hardest working, most focused, and skilled labor crew we have had the pleasure of coming across. They completed the job in 2.5 weeks, working weekdays and Saturdays, arriving at 7:30 AM and working until 6 PM into the darkness with headlamps on. They worked in rain, cold, and very windy conditions, removing 90,000 lbs. of clay tile roofing and replacing it with the Interlock 100 year warrantied high quality roofing. The team was extremely respectful, also replacing a skylight that we added to the job mid-way and reinforcing roofing around other skylights that appeared to be leaking. All members of the Interlock company that we have spoken with or had contact with otherwise have been friendly and personable, respectful, and quickly and effectively addressed any questions or issues that we have brought to their attention. We feel safe and secure under our beautiful and functional Interlock roof that is quiet when it rains and lets the water run off in rivulets into the eaves. We thank everyone at Interlock and hope to have a long and successful relationship with Interlock and our new roof.

Timothy and Carol H.

Bellingham, WA

We are very satisfied with the roof and very glad we will never have to purchase another roof again

In 2004 my wife and I decided to purchase the lifetime Interlock Roof. I was fifty at the time and had been called over to my Father In Laws house several times to clean out his gutters and clean off his roof with a pressure washer. I told my wife I did not want our kids to have to do that for us in our later years. The situation with my in-laws provided the motivation to start the search for a permanent roof. We landed on the Interlock Roof at the Western Washington Fair in 2004. The roof was installed and have not had any problems afterwards. There are some idiosyncrasies with this type of roof:

  1. The roof is not made to be walked on
  2. When it snows the snow builds up for a 1 to 3-inch amount and then slides off the roof and onto the ground below
  3. The roof keeps its original look, never needs to be pressure washed off or any other maintenance.

We are very satisfied with the roof and very glad we will never have to purchase another roof again.

Matt P.

Puyallup, WA

The temperature inside our garage was approximately 20 degrees cooler than before the roof

We had the Interlock Roof put on our home this month and I am satisfied with the look and performance of the roof so far. The crew completed the roof in a timely fashion, and was very professional! Our neighbors have paid us compliments about the roof. I really look forward to the longevity of the roof. The temperature the week following the installation was in the 80’s, and the roof kept the temperature inside our house at 75. We did not have to run the air conditioning until we reached the 90’s. The temperature inside our garage was approximately 20 degrees cooler than before the roof. To anyone looking to replace his or her roof, I would recommend the Interlock Roofing System!

Sincerely, Doug J.

Marysville, WA

We couldn’t be happier with the service and the product

We are very pleased with our new roof installed by Interlock Metal Roofing. The house looks beautiful, more than I imagined. You Paul Wright, as our salesman, are appreciated for all the information about the product and the no pressure approach you do. The installers were wonderful. They were great to work with—cleaned the area around the house each night. Our house was three days from start to finish …amazing to watch. We couldn’t be happier with the service and the product.

Thank you, Mike and Elaine D.

Ferndale, WA

Cement Tile Roof Replacement

Kim was tired of breaking tiles every time he had to clean his roof. He was sick of finding leaks on rainy, windy nights. He did his research, talked to different companies, and decided Interlock® was the way to go for him and his girlfriend.

Kim Hobart

Auburn, WA

The temperature indoors during the summer is cooler allowing energy savings

To Whom It May Concern: It is our pleasure to highly recommend Ross and Interlock Roofing for your next roofing project. Our roof was installed in August of 2017 it’s amazing the performance it provides to our home. The temperature indoors during the summer is cooler allowing energy savings, our Shake profile stands out with lasting beauty and durability. The installation crew is as great as the product they are polite and professional and went above our expectations they answered all our questions with no concerns. Our investment to have Interlock roof on our home gives us Peace of mind knowing for years to come we will never have to worry about our roof again. We would not hesitate to recommend Interlock Roofs and their awesome products to anyone looking for a new roof.

Brion and Diane Shaw

Stanwood, WA

My staff team upstairs noticed it keeping them cooler in the summer

December 20, 2017

The Interlock Roofing Team, Thank you for a job well done!  We are so pleased with the quality, look and feel of our new roof. Your installers were quick, courteous, and professional! We have noticed a big difference in this first year of how much better the roof is holding in the heat in during the winter. There is typically 3-6 feet of snow on the ground throughout the winter and I can also tell a difference by how and when it slides off the roof. Also my staff team upstairs noticed it keeping them cooler in the summer. We didn’t expect that but has been a added benefit. Again, thank you so much for your investment into the lives of youth by providing a roof for our staff team. The old roof was not only an eye sore but leaking and a distraction to our mission. Folks and guests really like our new roof, we will surely recommend your product! Below are obvious before and after shots, Thank you! Stonewater Ranch Leavenworth, Wa - Corrugated-Steel-Roof Stonewater Ranch Leavenworth, Wa - Interlock Metal Roofing

Sincerely, Greg Johnson Director of Stonewater Ranch

Leavenworth, WA

We decided on metal since we live on the beach

To whom it may concern: We recently needed our old asphalt shingle roof replaced as it was damaged and leaking from recent storm damage. Reviewing our options, we decided on metal since we live on the beach. After looking at the different metal roofs available and looking at online reviews we decided on Interlock. We were not disappointed. The process was quick and the timeline discussed initially at purchase was met. The company kept us informed during the entire process. Our roof had an additional issue not seen with most roof replacements, it was covered with solar panels. Interlock coordinated the removal and then the reinstallation with our solar installer. The panels needed removing and then the mounting brackets needed to be reinstalled so as to keep the warranty in force; all went well. I was out of town while some of the roofing was being done, when I returned the roof was completed and all that was needed was the final inspection. I was surprised by the look of the final product, while I had seen pictures the actual product looked much better. The roof looks like “slate” tile, it does not look “metal. We had comments on the roof by neighbors during and after installation and people at work have asked for more information. I highly recommend Interlock Metal Roof to anyone needing a new roof.

Sincerely, Harry Pat & Kay

Poulsbo, WA

We didn’t know it was hailing until we looked out the windows

We would like to commend Interlock for your product and service. Our house is 1572 square foot ranch style home. It took two days to install the new roof. No mess no waste. The installation crew was very polite and professional. They didn’t mind me supervising (watching) or asking questions. Interlock Roofing works as advertised. We have had a wide variety of weather in the last 50 days, heavy rain, hail, and eighty-degree temperatures. I believe that the Interlock roof system makes my Leaf Guard gutters more efficient in shedding the rain than the old asphalt shingles. We didn’t know it was hailing until we looked out the windows. The house is cooler with this roof on, it does reflect the heat. It is a great long-term investment.

Thank you Michael and Cindy M.

Marysville, WA

The first summer of the new roof was worth the project’s price and exceeded our expectations for performance

Mr. Ross and Interlock Industries, Kathy and I are very pleased with our new roof. During installation, your crew was able to adapt the project around our 100-year-old chimneys and finally completely seal us against leaks. The first summer of the new roof was worth the project’s price and exceeded our expectations for performance. We did not have the old problems of the attic area overheating. The attic fan barely comes on unless it is a very hot day. But we are no longer feeling the heat on the third floor, where all the bedrooms are. Less heat means more comfortable nights and sleep. If anyone would like to see how the roof looks or performs, we would be happy to show the roof to people interested in the Interlock Industries product. Even the exterior of the house looks better, but surprisingly the roof does not look like it was covered with a metal material. The selected pattern both fits the look of the house and looks compatible with our neighborhood houses. We care very pleased with the roof and the guarantee that accompanies the roof.

Thank you for this roof. Gerald R. & Kathleen B.

Seattle, WA

I am very pleased with the roof and the installation

To Ross Peterson and all the fine folks at Interlock Roofing! Just want to say how pleased I am with my new roof. I have shown it off to a lot of people in and around my neighborhood. I have recommended 6 or 7 people to give Ross a call if they need a new roof. They say they will; I hope they do. But I am very pleased with the roof and the installation job that was done.

Thanks again! Roger V.

Renton, WA

New roof has transformed this flat-roof '60s Seattle house!

Jonathan, Thank you, Interlock Roofing, for providing a high-quality product and professional installation from which we will receive years of permanent protection from the elements. In addition, the really great thing is how the new roof has transformed this flat-roof ’60s Seattle house! We’re not in the ’60s anymore. We’ve just completed the worst Seattle winter in 30 years, and the application and quality of the materials is beyond expectations. We have been enjoying the roof through the high winter winds and rain and hail and snow of the Pacific Northwest. People ask if it is noisy when it rains. It is even quieter than the old roof we just replaced. The installation only took about four days. Vladimir and Greg, our installers, were very friendly and worked diligently. They took the time to explain what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Their craftsmanship really shows on the finished roof, even down to the trim around the chimney. It looks great! There is no moss, no mold, and no fir needles. We won’t hesitate to recommend Interlock Roofing whenever we have an opportunity. This company has developed a product that really measures up to everything it advertises.

Sincerely, Ron & Rey

Des Moines, WA

Celebrating its 100th birthday this year

My husband and I would like to thank you for coming to our residence and explaining your product and all of its advantages. We were very impressed at this time and excited to start the beautification process of our home, which has been in my husband’s family for 5 generations now. It has undergone many remodels, upgrades, and changes throughout the years with a lot of help from friends and family. We will be celebrating its 100th birthday this year. The new roof is definitely a wonderful way to do so! The whole Interlock family was friendly and extremely easy to work with from the beginning of this process to the end. The job was started on time and finished when promised. We are very pleased with how smoothly the project went and very thankful that we were not the ones on top of the house!

Thanks from our home to yours, Shaun and Josh

Anacortes, WA

Everyone in our neighborhood who have seen it also is impressed

March 23, 2017

In March of 2016, we contracted with Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems to replace the cedar shingles on our roof. After a couple of dates were scheduled and changed, the job was finally completed on June 22, 2016. The work crew was very good – showed up as scheduled and the work was completed in 2 days. That is, old shingles removed and new Interlock system installed. We are very pleased with the finished look of our roof and have had no problems with it. Everyone in our neighborhood who have seen it also is impressed with the product. We would definitely refer anyone we know to your company if they are looking for a new roof.

Sincerely, Larry and Arletha K.

Allyn, WA

The color choice never changed in spite of the weather condition here in Washington

HELLO! I am Gerry from Olympia, Washington. A few years ago, I had my re-roofing done by INTERLOCK ROOFING SYSTEM for my house here in Olympia. I would like to thank the INTERLOCK ROOFING SYSTEM for the best, beautiful metal roof I ever had; the color choice never changed in spite of the weather condition here in Washington. So, if you want your home to deserving a thorough, keen, professional touch, quality, and professionalism, I would highly recommend INTERLOCK LIFETIME ROOFING SYSTEMS for your COMPLETE METAL ROOFING and be sure to call 1-866-733-5811 to set up your FREE in-home consultation with one of their expert consultants.

Sincerely, Gerry

Olympia, WA

Our neighbors have given us many compliments regarding our new roof – we are the envy of our small community

We have been enjoying our Interlock roof for several months. The planning, purchasing, and installation experience was everything we expected it to be – superb. The original shingles, paper, and staples were removed. The two installers did these tasks without making a mess in the surrounding garden or the patio. A new waterproof barrier was laid out and the new aluminum shingles were installed. To my pleasant surprise, each one was nailed in with 2 aluminum nails. This gives me confidence that this roof is made to last and is an excellent value for money. The installers worked for 3 consecutive days until the entire roof was done. Site cleanup was done at the end of each day. Some days the 2 installers worked beyond “regular” hours even though it must have been uncomfortable as these were unusually hot days for this area. Now, our house is much cooler in the summer and warmer in the colder weather. We have found it be noisier in heavy rain, but not significantly so. I quite like feeling dry, warm and cozy inside while it is raging outside – we live on a mountain, exposed to the elements. Last year I would go out and count how many shingles had been blown off by the high winds. I don’t need to do that anymore. Our neighbors have given us many compliments regarding our new roof – we are the envy of our small community. Finally, I would recommend Interlock to anyone considering a roof that lasts for many years. The product is outstanding.

Sincerely, Helena Lanham-Black

Kalama, WA

The roof immediately changed the look of our house

To all at Interlock Roofing, We have owned our home for 2 years, and have needed a new roof since the day we moved in. Both of us were hesitant to just get a new shingle roof as we are planning to stay in this home for many years to come. As we researched other roofing alternatives, we found information about Interlock Roofing and their metal roofs. The sales representatives were prompt and very kind, allowing us time to make our decision while giving us detailed information to help guide us in our decision making process. We had the pleasure of getting an aluminum roof installed by Interlock Roofing in March 2016. The roof immediately changed the look of our house, making it look much newer and brighter. We were getting compliments the day it was installed! The roofing crew was very polite and friendly, they even took time to play with our dog (who loves people with a passion). After the crew left, you wouldn’t have known we had the roof installed that very day, they did such a good job cleaning up! We have had our new roof for about 4 months now, and we could not be happier. Thank you Interlock Roofing!

Sincerely, Addina and Albert J.

Shoreline, WA

Torrential rains and winds exceeding 50 mph

We had the Interlock Roof installed in November of 2015 since then we have had some torrential rains and winds exceeding 50 mph. The roof has weathered the storms and is just as sound as the day the workers completed the installation. We are extremely pleased with the roof and the appearance of the roof. We are also very pleased that we chose the Interlock roof, both for the appearance and the wear ability of the product. It is a huge relief for us to know that this is the final roof we will ever have to put on our house and that the product is backed by a lifetime warranty. Your roofing specialists that installed the roof were very professional, considerate, and thorough in their work. The property was cleaned and checked when the installation was complete. They promptly addressed any concerns we had and insured we were totally satisfied prior to completing the project. The entire crew deserves a hearty well done.

Sincerely, Robert and Susan B.

Bremerton, WA

Plaguing issue of a moss growth problem

February 3, 2016

Dear Interlock Industries, We knew that someday we would need a new roof. We had been considering various roofing materials as we have a concern about a plaguing issue of a moss growth problem as a result of fir needle build up. We had to go on the our roof at least one to two times and sometimes more often a month to blow off the roof as the needles would collect everywhere and build up in the roof valleys; plus the additional time necessary to remove the moss. We spent way too much time on the roof. We happened to see the Interlock aluminum roof system and after speaking with staff and our friends and doing some research, we made the decision to have your roof system installed this past fall. We want to let you know that we are happy with the product as well as the style we selected. We had the deep charcoal grey slate profile installed on our traditional style home. It looks great! Many of the neighbors have commented on how nice it looks. They first thought it would be too commercial looking, but once they saw the end product they were impressed. All the staff from Robin at the Clark County Fair exhibitors’ booth, Mike Rasmussen, Divisional Sales Manager, as well the roof installers were very professional and good in explaining the product, what was involved in the installation, as well as being responsive and open to addressing our questions, comments and concerns. Once the product was ready to be delivered the installation date was confirmed. The installers arrived early on that date and started in on the job. They were diligent on the installation. They did clean up at the end of each day. They were open and encouraged questions and any comments we had. If there was something we noticed that was not quite right they would check and correct. They were as concerned as we were about a quality job done right. The roof does well as the valleys do not collect needles anymore. The only concern/complaint is that the needles do get caught in the interlock sections particularly when it is raining and windy making it difficult to remove them. We have had a lot of rain since the roof was installed so we have not had a chance to really remove the needles. Hopefully once the roof and needles dry out; it will be easier to remove them. But it does appear that we will not have to go on the roof nearly as much as in the past.

Sincerely, Miguel and Linda C.

Brush Prairie, WA

The installation team was courteous and professional!

July 23, 2013

Of the five name brand roofing contractors I screened for this project I chose Interlock and I am very pleased with the roof. Coordination and communication was critical especially since Interlock was to perform the installation immediately following another contractor performing a siding replacement. Communication with the interlock team was great and they remained flexible. Interlock was able to adjust their installation timeline as issues popped up with the siding project. Interlock promptly scheduled and dispatched materials and crew as soon as the siding contractor cleared out. I was a bit concerned about introducing a metal roof to the neighborhood, but could not be happier with the end result. In an effort to help tie everything together I had the siding contractor match the fascia wrap and gutters to the interlock roof black slate finish. The installation team was courteous, professional, and they notified me of any issues they ran across with the structure during the tear-off phase. Clean-up performed by the installation team was better than that performed by other contractors that had worked at the site. Great attention to detail and they took extra measures to protect sensitive areas around the house. I am currently working with their finance department as I Refinance the house and they are by far the friendliest finance team I have ever worked with. Great communication and customer care standards! The roof looks amazing and definitely grabs the attention of people driving by. The most amusing reaction so far was while I was watering the plants in the front yard a vehicle drove by, stopped abruptly, turned around, and pulled up into the driveway. A salesman in corporate attire for another roofing company stepped out of the vehicle and started asking questions about the roof. I was very familiar with the brand he represented because their product is rated among the best asphalt roofing products in the country. I thought that was quite amusing because here I am giving him contact information for a competitor . He was interested in something similar for his home so we talked for a bit about the Interlock Roof and he was very impressed. Reminded me of those old Coke versus Pepsi commercials.

Cheers, Damon G.

Graham, WA

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