Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Reduce your Carbon Footprint. Now and for a lifetime.

Some people promise green roofing, but Interlock® Roofing delivers. Our roofing is designed and tested to be durable, beautiful, and to protect the environment. That means less dependence on energy resources, less pollution in your area, and less money out of your pocket over time.

Metal roofs can actually pay for itself in lower energy bills. Depending on geography, you can save up to 25% on annual air conditioning costs. †

  • Made from recycled and recyclable materials, reducing landfill waste
  • Reflective surface reduces home’s temperature during summertime heat, reducing urban heat island effect

In many cases, our roof can actually be applied over top of most existing roofing, saving you the costs of tear-off and disposal. Landfills are spared the waste that comes with the removal of your old roof. An Interlock Roof truly is a green product.

† Cool Roof Coatings can save 25% in Energy Costs compared to a dark-grey asphalt shingle (ORNLFESC

Energy Star