Specification Manuals

Explore the comprehensive Interlock Roofing Specification Manuals for Slate & Cedar Shingles, Shake, Mediterranean Tile, and Standing Seam products. Designed for homeowners and roofing contractors, our manuals embody our dedication to lifelong home protection, aesthetic enhancement, and environmental stewardship. Dive into the specs that demonstrate our roofing systems' lifelong value and performance.

Interlock Slate - Cedar Shingle Specification Manual
Slate / Cedar Shingles
Interlock Shake Specification Manual
Interlock Tile Specification Manual
Mediterranean Tile
Interlock Standing Seam Specification Manual
Standing Seam

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Metal Roof Colors Home Protected by the Alunar® Coating System Interlock Roofing provides homeowners and designers with a durable and long-lasting aluminum roofing product that comes in a variety of colors. All Interlock Metal Roofing Systems are protected for a lifetime by the Alunar® Coating System, ensuring that your investment is well-protected. Our Alunar® coating

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Alunar Coating System

Alunar® Coating System Home Energy Efficient Roof Coating Technology The Interlock® Roof featuring the Alunar® Coating System provides homeowners the ultimate in durability and protection. The Alunar® Coating System is an innovative approach to protecting residential metal roofs from the elements. It utilizes a complex combination of materials engineered to reflect solar energy, reduce surface

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Evaluation Testing Reports Home Access in-depth Evaluation Testing Reports vital for roofing contractors, architects, and homeowners, featuring key certifications like CCMC, ER10475, ESR-1790, Florida FL7263-R7, and UL-2218. Our reports reflect a commitment to excellence, offering reliable data on the long-term durability and environmental integrity of our roofing products. CCMC 10475-R UL2218 Class 4 Florida FL7263-R7

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