Can you walk on a metal roof?

While it is safe to walk on, in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions, the low-maintenance Interlock® Roof almost eliminates that need.

Do metal roofs protect against hail?

All Interlock® Roofs are made from heavy gauge aluminum which has been tested and has surpassed the industry standard measurement for impact resistance: UL 2218 — Standard for Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials.

Are metal roofs hot?

All Interlock Metal Roofs are coated with the Alunar® Coating System. The "Cool Roof" ceramic pigment technology in the coating reflects and emits more of the sun's UV rays from entering the attic space. Interlock Metal Roofing Systems are CRRC-rated (Cool Roof Rating Council).

Does a metal roof attract lightning?

No, a metal roof will not make lightning more likely to strike, but it may make a lightning strike less dangerous if it occurs. A conductive metal roof gives lightning a low-resistance path to the earth.

How much does an Interlock Metal Roofing System cost?

Our product is not an off-the-shelf roofing material. Plus the installation procedures vary from structure to structure. For instance, a home with a 3/12 pitch is easier for our installers to work on; therefore, labor costs will be less expensive. A home with no valleys, chimneys, skylights, or dormers will also be less expensive.

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