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UL Certification 2218 Class 4

Interlock Roofing Ltd. announces the successful completion of benchmark tests meeting the standard of Underwriters Laboratory Standard 2218 Class 4, Impact Standard for Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials.

ul-logoAccording to Gordon Warren, Product Manager, surpassing this quality standard is milestone for endurance that all manufacturers of quality metal roofing components hope to achieve. We have invested tremendous efforts to ensure our products can deal with all kinds of impact resistance scenarios, including hail. This ruling applies to three of our key product profiles… shingle, shake and tile. Our team is most pleased to present our products to the public with the assurances that UL 2218 confirms. Some homeowners with metal roofing systems meeting UL 2218 can actually qualify for deductions on their homeowners insurance.

However, no roofing products are totally hail proof, and damage, if any, is directly related to the immensity of the hailstone. Aluminum metal roofing is designed to appeal to those who want the elegance of conventional roofing products such as shake and tile, but prefer never having to re-roof again. In many cases, this metal roofing can be installed directly over top of an existing roof, saving the costs of tear off and the environmental problems associated with disposal. Interlock Roofing Ltd. is a manufacturer of quality aluminum roofing. Aluminum metal roofing does not have the limitations of some other conventional roofing materials, which can include rot, splitting, cracking, and frequent replacement. Metal roofing materials and systems are widely used worldwide, and are gaining market share in North America as concerns mount regarding the environment and the use of petrochemicals in traditional remove and replace roofing products. Aluminum metal roofing is 100% recyclable. The Interlock refers to the manner in which the aluminum shake and shingle roofing tiles are installed. The top and bottom are interlocked to form an extremely strong roofing system that resists all kinds of extreme weather conditions, including high winds, sun belt exposure, and heavy rains. About Interlock Roofing Ltd. Interlock Roofing Ltd. is a manufacturer of metal roofing systems for residential and commercial applications, and offers a choice of styles and designer colors in Slate, Shingle, Cedar Shake, and Tile Profiles.

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