Evaluation Testing Reports

Access in-depth Evaluation Testing Reports vital for roofing contractors, architects, and homeowners, featuring key certifications like CCMC, ER10475, ESR-1790, Florida FL7263-R7, and UL-2218. Our reports reflect a commitment to excellence, offering reliable data on the long-term durability and environmental integrity of our roofing products.

Interlock Evaluation Report Ccmc 10475-R
Ccmc 10475-R
Interlock Evaluation Report Ul2218
Ul2218 Class 4
Florida Fl7263-R7
Florida Fl7263-R7

CCMC 10475-R

CCMC 10475-R is an evaluation report that confirms compliance with the Canadian Construction Materials Centre’s building codes, specifically for Interlock Roofing products. This report includes detailed testing and performance results for Interlock’s Slate and Cedar shingles. It covers various aspects such as traffic load, wind uplift, and dynamic pressure water infiltration tests. The results demonstrate the shingles’ ability to withstand significant pressure without deformation or permanent damage, and their effectiveness in preventing water leakage under various wind speeds.

This evaluation is crucial for ensuring that the roofing products meet the stringent standards set by Canadian building codes, emphasizing safety, quality, and durability. Such compliance is vital for roofing contractors, architects, and homeowners who require reliable data on the long-term durability and environmental integrity of roofing products.

For more in-depth information on the specific tests and results, you may refer to the National Research Council of Canada’s website or Interlock Roofing’s evaluation testing reports page:

  • National Research Council of Canada: CCMC 10475-R

UL2218 Class 4 is the highest rating for impact resistance under the UL 2218 Impact Rating standards developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This rating is particularly relevant for roofing materials, such as shingles and metal roofing, and indicates their ability to withstand significant impact, specifically from hail.

To receive a Class 4 rating, roofing materials must pass a test where a 2-inch diameter steel ball is dropped from a height of 20 feet onto the roof material. The material must show no evidence of tearing, fracturing, cracking, splitting, rupture, or other types of damage during the test procedure. This level of impact resistance is especially important in areas prone to hail storms, as it can significantly reduce the likelihood of roof damage.

Roofs with UL2218 Class 4 rated materials are known to provide superior protection against impacts from wind, rain, heavy snow, and hail. Additionally, installing Class 4 impact-resistant roofing materials can potentially lead to benefits like lower insurance premiums, as they are associated with lower lifetime roofing costs and fewer replacements. However, these benefits can vary based on location and insurance provider.

FL7263-R7 refers to a product approval code in the Florida Building Code, specifically for roofing products. This code indicates that the product has undergone evaluation and has been approved for use in accordance with Florida’s building standards and regulations.

The details of “FL7263-R7” include:

  • Product Category: It is likely associated with roofing materials, such as metal roofing systems.
  • Compliance and Testing: The approval would involve compliance with specific standards relevant to roofing in Florida. This might include aspects like wind resistance, durability, impact resistance, and suitability for use in areas prone to hurricanes or high wind conditions.
  • Manufacturer Information: The code would be linked to a specific manufacturer and provide details about the product.

For precise details about what “FL7263-R7” specifically covers, including the type of roofing product, its specifications, limits of use, and the manufacturer, you would need to refer to the Florida Building Code Online database or directly contact the relevant manufacturer. The Florida Building Code sets stringent criteria to ensure that building materials are suitable for the unique environmental conditions in Florida, especially considering the state’s vulnerability to hurricanes.

For more specific information about “FL7263-R7,” please refer to the Florida Building Code Online: Florida Building Code Online

ESR-1790 is an evaluation report from the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), which is part of the International Code Council. This report likely details the compliance and performance of specific building products, such as roofing materials, with building codes and standards. These reports are crucial for verifying that products meet industry requirements and are suitable for use in construction projects. For more detailed information on what ESR-1790 specifically covers, including the product type, specifications, and compliance details, you would need to refer to the ICC-ES report directory or contact the relevant manufacturer.

For more specific information about “ESR-1790,” please visit ICC Evaluation Service.

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