A Tile roof can be a durable roofing solution

Drawbacks and Issues Associated with Clay or Concrete Tiles for Your Roof

  • Tile can have a long lifespan, anywhere from 15-30 years and some even 50-100 years.
  • But they can suffer the effects from weather, organic growth or be damaged. 

Table of Contents

Tile roof problems

One of my roof tiles is cracked

Cracking can occur from:

  • Items falling on it
  • Harsh weather
  • Freezing and thawing
  • Moisture
  • Hail
  • Age
  • Walking on it

A tile that is cracked needs to be replaced. The weather protection, insulating properties, energy efficiency and obviously the appearance are all affected. You should get any cracks tiles replaced to avoid leaks or damage.

One of the tiles has slid out

Sliding Roof Tiles can occur:

  • The adhesive may have worn out
  • There weren’t enough fasteners, or they don’t hold
  • Moisture can sometimes be an issue

Again, you should look at repairing or replacing.

The mortar on the Tile Caps is cracked or loose

Can be caused by poor installation

  • This can cause leaks if not fixed
  • Could eventually blow off

Replace or repair to avoid leaks or water damage.

Chipped tiles

Can be caused by poor installation

  • Overtightened screws (or nails) could lead to chipping

Chipped roofing tiles are repairable.

Our tiles have white stains

Water absorption, efflorescence (lime) or salt could all be reasons:

  • Tiles could be showing their age by allowing moisture to be absorbed
    Often mistaken for color fading

Besides the aesthetic reasons, white stained tiles are a good reason to look at replacing them.

There is moss growing on it

Bacteria or Lichen can grow on tile roofing:

  • Roof algae, bacteria or lichen can hold onto moisture and could accelerate the aging of the tile
  • Chemical solutions or scrubbing can be used to help remove, although Lichen is challenging to remove and can cause tile color to fade

Besides aesthetic reasons, white stained tiles may be holding onto moisture, which would be a good reason to look at replacing them.

The underlayment Is failing

The roof tiles are still in good shape, but the underlayment is not.

  • The underlayment lifespan will typically be far less than the roofing tiles

You will need to replace it by removing all the roof tiles, install new underlayment, and then carefully put back your existing tiles.


Tile is a fine option for a roof that for aesthetics and durability, but the heavy weight and the fact it can still get damaged are things to think about.

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