The Effects Of Snow On Your Roof

Cold Weather Roofing

Though fluffy, often light, and associated with some of the best celebratory days of the year, snow can be a dangerous and damaging thing when it comes to your home. Take heed and make sure your home is safe this holiday season.

In the Midwest, through to the east coast of North America, winters are an intense season. Gulf streams and great lakes, along with the Atlantic create a climate that can be beautiful but also harshly cold. With the last few winters being record setters for snowfall, it is important to consider the impact that the ‘white fluffy stuff’ is having on our homes, and can have on our safety.

Depth Is No Indicator; Weight Is Case Specific

Massachusetts and much of the East was hit very hard this past winter, in the midst of which they posted an article on things you can do to help your home survive extreme winters.

“The critical factor in determining whether you have an excessive snow load on your roof isn’t the depth of the snow; it’s the weight of that particular snow on your particular roof.” – Boston Globe Feb 13, 2015th

There are many reasons to be pre-emptive in dealing with snow on your roof. Older homes are often built with older building codes in mind, meaning that advances in technology, building etiquette, or even changes in climate are not accounted for by your current structure. This can leave homeowners susceptible to a huge amount of damage if the weight of snow becomes too much for their homes to handle.

If you live in a home with a heavy amount of snowfall, don’t wait until it’s too late to prep your home. Interlock® Roofing Systems are made of strong materials that are designed to keep the snow accumulation to an absolute minimum.

Winter is upon us; don’t get caught out in the cold!

Days until Winter

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