A few facts about Earth Day

Earth Day

As we’re reminded to treat the planet with kindness

Here are a few facts about Earth Day

Oil spill at  beach

Earth Day was started 46 years ago in 1970 after an oil spill in Santa Barbara, California

Happy Earth Day

It was renamed to International Mother Earth Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009


After its origins in the U.S., it became recognized worldwide in 1990

Largest Secular Observance

More than a billion people celebrate Earth Day, making it the largest secular observance in the world

Earth Day Flag

The day has its own flag, with a picture of the earth depicted in the center of it

Plastic carrier bags and other garbage pollution in ocean

Some communities celebrate with an entire seven days focused on environmental problems

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Here are some ways to go green and save some green!

  • Leave the car at home. While not possible for everyone, commuting to work or around town by car-pooling, biking or taking transit have benefits both for your wallet and your health. Carpooling alone can save you $1000 a year!
  • Start a vegetable garden. Organic produce is healthier and definitely tastes better, but growing it yourself can also save you nearly $600 a year as well!
  • Go Solar. We all know solar power is cleaner and a more efficient way to go. Once you are setup, solar energy savings can be $1000 a year as well, and that’s including the cost of solar panels. We love solar power and are definitely “Solar Friendly”, and when the time comes we would love to help you with just one of the ways to save on energy costs with one of our roofs.