A few facts about Earth Day

As we’re reminded to treat the planet with kindness today, here are a few facts about Earth Day.

A few facts about Earth Day

Ways to celebrate Earth Day

Here are some ways to go green and save some green!

  • Leave the car at home. While not possible for everyone, commuting to work or around town by car-pooling, biking or taking transit have benefits both for your wallet and your health. Carpooling alone can save you $1000 a year!
  • Start a vegetable garden. Organic produce is healthier and definitely tastes better, but growing it yourself can also save you nearly $600 a year as well!
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle. Green bin, blue bin and avoid the waste bin. We all know that we should pitch in and recycle, and so we’re doing our part as a responsible manufacturer by using up to 97% recycled materials in our metal roofs.
  • Soak up the sun! We all know solar power is cleaner and a more efficient way to go. Once you are setup, solar energy savings can be $1000 a year as well, and the solar including the cost of solar panels. We love solar power and are Solar Ready when you are. We’re also Energy Star rated (USA only) and our roofing customers are finding, depending where they live, they save around 20% to 30% on their air conditioning and heating costs.

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