Will a metal roof stand up to a hurricane?

Interlock® metal roofs can stand up to a Class 2 hurricane

Our roofs have been tested and rated to withstand winds up to 110mph which will rate a hurricane at Class 2.

An Interlock® Warranty is good up to 120mph winds


During the wind resistance test in this video, an airplane turbine was used to simulate 110 mph winds. A deck with Interlock® Metal Slate roofing was exposed to extreme winds and water, recreating the effects of driving rain from multiple directions.

Our unique 4-way interlocking design of our roofs stand up to the most extreme elements, including Class 2 hurricanes, by actually locking each shingle on all four sides.

Interlock® Lifetime Roofing Systems invest in research and development to create the finest metal roofs. We have installed roofs in all climate zones with thousands of satisfied customers.

Other Testing Reports available at: https://www.interlockroofing.com/specifications/testing-reports

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