Minimum Pitch for a Metal Roof

If your home has a pitched roof structure, you may want to consider replacing it with an Interlock Metal Roofing System instead. Interlock offers many types of metal roofs styles including slate, cedar shingle, shake, Mediterranean tile and standing seam.

Roof Pitch Requirements

When installing an Interlock Metal Roofing System, there are a few things you need to consider. The most important of these is the minimum pitch of the roof deck required for the installation. Metal roofs can be installed on various slopes, but there is a minimum requirement to ensure that the roof will be stable and weather-tight. In this blog post, we will discuss the minimum metal roof pitch and why it is essential to adhere to this requirement.

Interlock Metal Roofing Systems are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability and long lifespan. However, you must install metal roofing with the proper pitch to function correctly. The minimum pitch for all Interlock Metal Roofing Systems is three inches per foot or 3:12, meaning that the roof should slope down at least three inches for every foot of horizontal distance. This pitch ensures that water will flow off the roof correctly and that the roof will not be susceptible to leaks or other damage.

While it is possible to install a metal roof on a lower pitch, doing so is not recommended. A metal roof on a low rise is more likely to experience problems such as leaks, pooling water, and premature deterioration. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that the roof is installed with the proper pitch to avoid these issues.

Why You Should Install with the Proper Minimum Roof Pitch

As mentioned above, a metal roof needs to have a certain minimum pitch or roof slope in order to function properly. When installing a metal roof, you will notice that the manufacturer recommends a minimum pitch of 3”/ft. This means that the roof should slope downward by 4” for every single foot of horizontal distance.

Standard Metal Roof Pitch Diagram

Metal Roof Pitch

Minimum Pitch for Metal Roofing FAQ's

The minimum slope for an Interlock Metal Roofing System is 3:12, which means 3” of drop for every 12” of horizontal run.

We suggest membrane roofing for all low-pitched roofing surfaces. Follow the local Building Code.

For a roof that is only slightly shallower than 3:12, then your best bet is membrane roofing.

The minimum slope for an Interlock Standing Seam Metal Roof is 3:12.
Please consult with your rep and local building codes.

Standing seam roofs are metal roof panels with edges that are 2” or higher above the lowest point of the metal panel.

Roof slope is measured in “inches per foot” (IPF). To calculate IPF, multiply the number of feet by the number of inches in one foot. For example, if you want to know how much the roof slopes, just divide the total number of feet by the total number of inches in one square foot. 

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