Quality Roof Materials

Your roofing system is only as good as all the components that they are made from.

After noticing a leak, replacing hand-split cedar shakes on his roof was an immediate priority for a retired engineer.

Interlock Roofing Systems use the highest quality materials

The quality of the all the components made Lloyd very happy. But Lloyd was most pleased with the quality of the components we use on all our Interlock® Roofing Systems.

With much craft and care Lloyd designed and built his own house.

He expected his hand-split cedar shakes to last about 50 years. They lasted about 30.
And the garage, which he built first, is where he noticed the first leak.

Jumping into researching roofing materials that he wanted to consider, including stone-covered steel, Lloyd discovered aluminum roofing companies were now in the mix.

After comparing all the different products, Lloyd found the reason we love aluminum. It does not rust like steel.

Lloyd explained, “I was becoming partial to the weathering effect and the corrosion resistance of aluminum. I couldn’t find any alternatives, even steel.”

Fact. In 1994, over 5000 original steel window frames of the Empire State Building were replaced with aluminum frame. The 1930 original steel frames had deteriorated, allowing for frosting, water and air leakage. 


He continued “They gave me a lot of assurances of how good the coating was (with steel) and how long it would last… yeah, maybe it will last for 50 years, but the aluminum I know will last virtually forever.”

Lloyd has a good story on why he feels that confident in aluminum in the video.

Home Repair for the Holidays

The Manufacturer warrants that the Products will resist wind speeds of up to one hundred and twenty (120) mph (193kph) when installed in accordance with IRL’s recommended installation procedures.

“I put the original roof on so I know what it’s like to work up there … but with moss coated shake … and around freezing weather, it had to be tough working up there.”

“Al and his guys did a fabulous job.”

“It did take them 10 days, and I couldn’t be happier.”

As both a design and mechanical engineer, Lloyd was fastidious about the details and was happy to uncover the very high standard of quality we use for *all* our materials.

“Most people aren't engineers like me, and probably aren't interested in details like these … but one thing I was pleasantly surprised about with Interlock was the quality of the fasteners and the quality of the underlayment that they used … the ice guards, the quality of the snow guards… they are cast metal, the fasteners were stainless steel…. I couldn’t find out from anyone (the competition) if they used stainless steel or not… (and) are the materials you use to fasten stuff on are going to be as rugged and reliable over the long term as the main roof? I was probably the exception in wanting to know that, but I did spend a long time looking for information … but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the fasteners that Interlock used… and I couldn't be happier.”

When getting quotes, Lloyd ran into some frustrations. With a competing metal roofing company Lloyd said:

“their price wasn’t competitive I didn’t think”.

The stone coated steel roofing company wanted Lloyd to “replace the skylights, which I didn’t think needed to be replaced.”
Even though the quotes were about half the price Lloyd noticed asphalt in his neighborhood wasn’t lasting as long as it used to. 

“I’ve noticed that some asphalt roofs put on 15 years ago, are lucky to last 15 years.”

“…and with inflation, even though it’s low now, prices go up … so it’s important not to have to replace it for a long time.”

With his mind set now firmly on aluminum, Lloyd said “I found alternative prices that were the same but I felt Interlock, with the aluminum, was superior.”

“looking in the economics of replacement, and the reliability, and the comfort level of knowing what you’ve got on there”

“I think a lot of people look for the cheapest alternative first … then don’t (think about) all the aspects that I did…”

“I wished it showed more. I’m on top of a hill, and it’s a two storey garage and house, so unless you really look for it … it’s hard to see it.”

The single biggest thing Lloyd is happiest about his new roof?

“Everybody always looks at the shingle.” but Lloyd expressed that he was most happy about ”(the) way that they flashed everything. All the flashings were around chimneys, the gable ends, the eaves … the quality … the size of them, and the fact that they were the same material thickness … I know it protects my fascia boards a lot better than the original stuff I had on it.” “They did a tremendous job on it.”

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