Roofing Wind Damage

Roofing Wind Damage

Class 2 Hurricane

Tested and Rated for 120 mph Winds

Depending on what part of the country you live in, hurricanes can be a very deadly and a destructive fact of life.

Every year there are tropical storms that can either pass by harmlessly or that can turn into severe storms that will leave a path of damage if they happen to touch populated areas.

While it may be the least of your concerns if you are in the path of a strong storm, but an Interlock roof is rated to withstand 120 mile-per-hour winds.

That’s strong enough to survive a Category 2 Hurricane.

Category 1 winds can easily tear off asphalt shingles from a roof, but at Interlock we test our roofing with wind and water, simulating rain and storm conditions you would experience in a Category 2 hurricane.

While the materials we use to manufacture our roofing is essential, our interlocking design is a critical factor in protecting your home, as we use specially developed starters, trim, valleys, and accessories that lock to the roofing shingles or panels, and then onto your home. This is a significant way our roofing can help protect your home from wind and other kinds of weather.

While your family’s safety is paramount during a storm, and you should always follow the instructions of your local authorities as to your safety, it’s nice to know that your home is protected from strong winds from merely having chosen the right roof.

Tested and rated up to 120 miles per hour. Just another benefit of choosing one of our metal roofs.

Wind Driven Rain Testing

During the wind resistance test in this video, an airplane turbine was used to simulate 110 mph winds. A deck with Interlock® Metal Slate roofing was exposed to extreme winds and water, recreating the effects of driving rain from multiple directions.

Our unique 4-way interlocking design of our roofs stand up to the most extreme elements, including Class 2 hurricanes, by actually locking each shingle on all four sides.

Interlock® Lifetime Roofing Systems invest in research and development to create the finest metal roofs. We have installed roofs in all climate zones with thousands of satisfied customers.

We have been enjoying the roof through the winter winds and rain and hail of the Pacific Northwest. Everyone asks if it is noisy and tinny when it rains. We reply “of course not! “ It is even quieter than the comp roof we just replaced. Since installation of our Interlock roof, the snow load on the frame of our house has dropped 95%. We have been through 100+ MPH wind storms with zero wind damage. I would highly recommend this roof to anyone!

Damascus, OR

In January 2000 we experienced a severe windstorm with gusts to 120 miles per hour. Our shingle roof was destroyed. It looked as if it had been hit with a giant shotgun blast. In some spots the roof had been ripped away down to the plywood. Our neighbor had a new Interlock roof installed in 1997. The windstorm that had destroyed our roof did not damage his roof in any way; not a single shingle was missing.Since installation of our Interlock roof, the snow load on the frame of our house has dropped 95%. We have been through 100+ MPH wind storms with zero wind damage. I would highly recommend this roof to anyone!

Anchorage, AK

An Interlock® Warranty is good up to 120mph winds

The Manufacturer warrants that the Products will resist wind speeds of up to one hundred and twenty (120) mph (193kph) when installed in accordance with IRL’s recommended installation procedures.

The Guardian Material Warranty

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