Skylights for Metal Roofs

Skylights are a great way to bring natural light and ventilation into any space. These tiny windows in your home’s roof add more shine and air quality for your family’s comfort while increasing its curb appeal!

A skylight is an open area on top with many glass panes so it can be seen from inside or outside and give off light during daylight hours without using electric sources (which would cost too much). What do skylights look like? What types do I need if there’s only one room with exposed ceiling tiles?”

When deciding whether to install skylights on your metal roof, you must consider what type of sunlight and weather conditions they will face. Curb-mounted models are only compatible with all Interlock Lifetime Metal Roofing Systems, but make sure you talk about which panels would best suit your look needs before starting installation!

5 Benefits of installing skylights with your Interlock Lifetime Roofing System

  1. Skylights are a great way to add natural lighting to your home and can be placed in any room regardless of exterior wall space.
  2. Southern-facing skylights will give rooms a sun-kissed look but can also heat the room during summer months. Eastern- and western-facing skylights will let in light as the sun rises or sets, while northern skylights provide cooler, more diffused lighting.
  3. Skylights can save you money on heating and cooling costs when planned correctly. South-facing skylights will increase your home’s temperature year-round, so they can be used to heat your home in winter and vent heat out of your home in summer.
  4. Skylights add architectural interest inside and out, which increases curb appeal and value. To get beauty AND value from a skylight, ensure it is an asset that coordinates with the rest of the room’s design theme.
  5. Skylights expose you to more sunlight which helps prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
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