What does “Solar-Friendly” Mean?

Do you want to save money? Are you interested in helping reduce your carbon footprint?

Installing solar panels on your roof is a great way to mitigate costs and to contribute to the reduction of pollution emission. Would you like to install solar panels on your home? With Interlock®, you can.

More and more, the global issues of carbon emissions and economic recession are frequent conversation pieces. People, naturally, worry about the future, and hope that they are going to be able to be financially stable in coming years.


With an Interlock® Roof, customers already reap the financial benefits that come with an energy efficient product (See here). This, coupled with the money saving aspect of our cool roofs really assist in helping our customers achieve financial freedom (See here).

Cut Costs And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

In regards to reducing your ecological footprint, through it’s composition, Interlock® Roofing Systems also help alleviate the stress you may be causing on the environment as it is made up of 95% recycled material. Furthermore, our product can actually be installed on top of existing roofing – saving you the costs of tear-off, disposal, and also helping keep the waste out of landfills.


To further both the money saving and green initiatives, many Interlock products are designed with solar panel installation in mind. This allows for easy and intuitive installation, meaning that if you choose to go solar, it won’t be long until you’re seeing the benefits!


Cut your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint with an Interlock Roof!



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