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Adding value to our home - and pride of ownership!

To whom it may concern,

We are writing to tell you how happy we are with our new roof installed by your company in May.

Who knew when we went to the Vancouver Boat Show in January we would spend most of our time there at your presentation booth with salesman, Randal. He was very enthusiastic about your products, service and company. We arranged for him to come to our home to give us a quote where he explained the product, installation, history of company in detail and emphasized the quality of the products and installation and pride of ownership. Although the price was higher than expected, the end result was so much more than we expected. The installation went very well. Mike was amazing and we can't say enough about how respectful he and his crew were. They cleaned up every day and explained every part of the installation as they progressed.

They started the job on time and ended on time - again having our driveway lawn and patio areas absolutely clean and nail free.

We have had many people stop to ask about the roof since it can be seen from a main street at the end of our cul-de-sac and we are more than happy to share our positive experience with them - passing along your phone number.

Thank you for this positive experience and adding value to our home - and pride of ownership!

Dave and Linda
North Vancouver, BC

Installations done all year round!

My husband and I knew we were going to need a new roof in the near future and we were leaning toward steel roofs. While at the Minnesota State Fair, there was a booth for Interlock roofing. I picked up the brochure not thinking much of it. A major storm hit Northern Wisconsin shortly after.

This one was intense, a tangled mess of trees and power lines. Between the 11" of rain and hail the size of nickels that beat down on our older roof, it was clear we needed to start the search for a roof sooner than later. The asphalt roof granules covered our decks and ground!

Interlock Industries were the first company I called after talking to my insurance company. The sales person answered right away, we scheduled an appointment only a couple days later. Interlock offered free estimates! In the mean time I called other steel roofing companies out of Northern Wisconsin. It took days to get a response, the customer service was lacking. After getting our estimate from Interlock and learning about the aluminum roofing shingles, we knew it was the best choice and the best investment for our newly purchased home. The product, warranty, and customer service was all top notch. With the winter season soon approaching, we asked if the company would still install during winter. They said they install all year. It would be a 6-8 week waiting period. In the mean time, I got a call from British Columbia following up with the process, the estimate of the start of the project, and if I had any more questions. Once again, we were so surprised by the great customer service. The building supervisor, Al called me a few days before delivery to see where it could be placed and Al came up to WI to make sure everything was there.

He asked where the dumpster should be set, and said they will begin roofing the first week of December! Yikes, we just go dumped on with snow, Monday had below zero temps, thank goodness it warmed up for Alex and his crew! I asked Alex to check the integrity of the roof sheathing. While I was at work, he took pictures of the progress of the roof and showed me that the sheathing looked brand new and there was no damage. He answered all my questions and showed me pictures of what was being done. I kept the coffee pot full of coffee in our heated garage and supplied a microwave! I was so thankful that the crew was doing such a great job in the cold and snowy weather conditions, a heated garage and hot coffee was the least I could do! The roof was completed in 4 days and it looks awesome!

Now it was just a waiting game for a snow to come and we could see the shingles and snow guards at work. It was quite scary hearing the snow fall off the roof for the first time, but it was well worth it, not to have to shovel our steep roof. The roof has already been put to the test; we’ve had heavy rain, winds and hail twice! It looks as good as it did on day one.

Very truly,

Andrew M.
Hayward, WI

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The installation team was courteous and professional!

Of the five name brand roofing contractors I screened for this project I chose Interlock and I am very pleased with the roof. Coordination and communication was critical especially since Interlock was to perform the installation immediately following another contractor performing a siding replacement. Communication with the interlock team was great and they remained flexible. Interlock was able to adjust their installation timeline as issues popped up with the siding project. Interlock promptly scheduled and dispatched materials and crew as soon as the siding contractor cleared out. I was a bit concerned about introducing a metal roof to the neighborhood, but could not be happier with the end result. In an effort to help tie everything together I had the siding contractor match the fascia wrap and gutters to the interlock roof black slate finish.

The installation team was courteous, professional, and they notified me of any issues they ran across with the structure during the tear-off phase. Clean-up performed by the installation team was better than that performed by other contractors that had worked at the site. Great attention to detail and they took extra measures to protect sensitive areas around the house. I am currently working with their finance department as I Refinance the house and they are by far the friendliest finance team I have ever worked with. Great communication and customer care standards!

The roof looks amazing and definitely grabs the attention of people driving by. The most amusing reaction so far was while I was watering the plants in the front yard a vehicle drove by, stopped abruptly, turned around, and pulled up into the driveway. A salesman in corporate attire for another roofing company stepped out of the vehicle and started asking questions about the roof. I was very familiar with the brand he represented because their product is rated among the best asphalt roofing products in the country. I thought that was quite amusing because here I am giving him contact information for a competitor . He was interested in something similar for his home so we talked for a bit about the Interlock Roof and he was very impressed. Reminded me of those old Coke versus Pepsi commercials.


Damon G.
Graham, WA

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Interlock finished ahead of schedule and under budget!

The contract between St. George's Church and Interlock Industries (Ont.) Inc. for the restoration of the Church roof, including new vapour barrier, insulation, ventilation and slate-pattern aluminum shingles, is now complete and I wanted to express to you our satisfaction with the entire project.

Interlock finished the work ahead of schedule and under budget, which is much appreciated. The staff from lnterlock with whom we were associated, were very professional and competent. John Reeves, your sales representative who responded to our RFP , was well informed as to our requirements, and provided us with a very comprehensive and competitive quotation. Your site representatives , Sheldon Maddox, Supervisor, Tony Lupton, Site Superintendent and Toma Gravelle , Lead Installer, were all very accommodating and proficient. They provided us with good advice and were very responsive to our various requests. Interlock is very fortunate to have staff of their caliber.

The materials that you used were of the highest quality. I recognize that the ventilated, insulated plywood used for the insulation of the roof, and the slate-pattern aluminum shingles were the materials that were specified in the original quotation and we are very satisfied with th is material. However, what particularly impressed me was your voluntary use of the high quality RoofTopGuard II vapour barrier that your staff felt would give us a better end product, given the site conditions. This material upgrade clearly demonstrated the concern that Interlock has for the quality of work they do, and your dedication is sincerely appreciated.

I would not hesitate to recommend Interlock to any person or organization investigating the restoration of their roof with a high quality product, installed by professionals. Thank you!

Very truly,

R.J. Henderson.
Mississauga, ON

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We highly recommend the Interlock Roof System especially after the 110 inches of snow this winter

We just purchased the Interlock Roof System for our home and we couldn't be more pleased. The Interlock System has high performance with great curb appeal. Many people have commented on the distinctive look. From our initial meetings to the finish product; we were very impressed with the installation, knowledge of the product, attention to detail, and professionalism of the company. We highly recommend the Interlock Roof System especially after the 110 inches of snow this winter.

Keith and Anna Meliones
Wayland, MA

Interlock Roof survives golf-ball sized hail!

We just had a flash hail storm the other day. It tested our roof, and it did very very well. The hail was almost golf ball sized, and it lasted for about five minutes. We didn't hear the rain, but boy did we hear that hail. It sounded like machine guns going off against the walls and roof. I haven't seen hail like that since I left Texas. There were no dents in the roof, and there were no blemishes. It held up beautifully.

Michael & Teresa B.
Rochester, NH

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It was a pleasure working with the Interlock Roofing crew!

Roofing Review MassachusettsIt was a pleasure working with the Interlock Roofing crew and staff. Not only did they finish the job in a timely manner but they completed the job almost two months earlier than was scheduled, allowing us to go on our scheduled vacation. Thank you interlock roofing for an excellent job!!!

Douglas and Dawn M.
Lethbridge, AB

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Environmentally friendly and built to last!

The house is 16 years old. The roof tiles were beginning to curl and I thought it was time to get a new roof. I consulted a company I had employed in the past and they offered me a roof with a 50 year warranty for about $28,000. I told my optician about their offer and he told me not to use them but to try Interlock. He had had a good experience with Interlock and recommended them to me. He gave me the BBB number to make the connection. Interlock offered me a limited lifetime warranty with a far superior product which is energy efficient, color fading resistant for many years,weather and wind resistant, and environmental friendly made of 95% recyclable material. Up to a degree it is fire resistant, too. Pigeons are not attracted to it and that is marvelous because before I had a lot of pigeons sitting on top of it and getting a lot of droppings from them. Not now. The work was done in about a week and a half. The workers worked constantly and were courteous and friendly. All spoke Spanish, my mother tongue. That made it pleasanter. I was surprised Hispanics were involved in this industry. Now I have a new roof from Interlock, new gutters from Leaf Guard, and new windows and doors from the Power Remodeling Group, all with limited lifetime warranty. As a senior citizen, I cannot ask foranything more as my income becomes fixed in a few years.




Ana C. Melecio

Chelsea, MA

It looks as good as the day it was installed!

Roofing Review MassachusettsI was referred to Interlock Roofing from my Dad, who has had an Interlock Roof since 1999. It looks as good as the day it was installed. I am hopeful my roof will last with similar results. My salesperson, David Harrison and my installations coordinator, Jennifer Simons, were prompt, professional, and very helpful.

Joseph B.
Oxford, MA

While it does cost more to put on the roof, I think the payback more than covers the extra price

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I had an Interlock roof put on several years ago and I am not sure I agree with the statement "more expensive, sure".  While it does cost more to put on the roof, I think the payback more than covers the extra price.

I am sitting in my attic office, a place that got cold even with heat this time of year, it is warm now.  It stays cooler in the summer as well which saves on cooling costs.

The sales person told me that it would be the case but I really didn't believe it.  I would buy this roof again in a heartbeat.

Peter L.
Derry, NH

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It was time to replace our leaky roof after an excessive amount of snow fall the previous winter

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August 2014

It was time to replace our leaky roof after an excessive amount of snow fall the previous winter. We initially did not want a metal roof until we found Interlock.

We have had so many compliments on our new roof and are extremely pleased with the way it looks.

The installers were on time, fast, efficient and knowledgeable. They left our yard in the same condition it was before they started. I am impressed with their work ethic and professionalism. The peace of mind that Interlock roof provides, not having to worry about a leaky roof or damage, is worth it.
We are very happy with the product.

Jeff & Bryn
Rocky Mountain House, AB