An impressive nice looking roof


The Interlock Roofing System was delivered and installed on time in spite of a delay in startup due to rain and another day delay due to rain after half the roof was done.

The crew was courteous and friendly and cleaned up at the end of every day. I was very satisfied that the place was left tidy and clean after final cleanup.

I recommend Interlock Roofing to anyone wanting an impressive nice looking roof.

Peter D. Janzen
Lethbridge, AB

We are proud to display our home to the town of Westlock


For the last five years my husband had been hinting hard that our house needed a new roof. My reply was, I need a new carpet and some painting done. His reply was. “A new carpet won’t be very pretty when it is wet.” Every summer storm showed lots of shingle debris on the deck and lawn. I was still reluctant to get new shingles.

On a whim we attended a home show in Edmonton in the spring. It was very interesting and we saw several companies showing new shingles. When we came to the Interlock booth, we were met by a friendly salesperson who explained their product.

To this day I can not believe that I fell in Love with new shingles. We were both sold instantly. We were then paid a visit by the salesperson who did a good job of selling his product, even though he didn’t have to. We were committed.

The installation of the product was timely and went very smoothly. The staff were very friendly and efficient. Our roof looked great and the yard was left very clean. We are proud to display our home to the town of Westlock.

Marion Zilinski
Proud Home Owner
Westlock, AB

PS. The new carpet is on order 

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Very professional and had some difficult weather conditions to work with


Dear Interlock Roofing:
Subject: roof installation

I would like to express my recommendation for your installers, Mike and Nedjo. It was a pleasure to work with these gentlemen; when it is time to do these other roofs on our place I want them back, and not hesitate to pass their names to others. They were both very professional and had some difficult weather conditions to work with.

Dennis Dodds
Thunder Valley Farms
Nanton, AB

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Beyond the call of duty


This is to advise you that Steve Graetsch and Jim Barnes have completed the installation of our Supertile aluminum roof.
They have worked beyond the call of duty, in adverse conditions, and done an excellent job.
My wife and I are extremely pleased with their professionalism, their knowledge, and the quality of their work.

We heartily recommend their work to all, and have heard nothing but praise from all who have seen the new roof.

Roman Kravec
Edmonton, AB

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Our roof has survived many hail storms without visible effect


This letter of reference is intended for people considering to re-roof their home or garage.

We moved into our newly built home at the end of 1976 and by 1987 our asphalt shingled roof had deteriorated to the point that replacement was necessary.

We naturally looked for a roof that would last much longer than the old one and settled on aluminum interlocking tiles with a suitable surface finish and color. Aluminum does not rust at the cut edges and the finishing process lets the roof reflect a lot of incident heat in the summer. The tiles are folded at the edges so that the tiles interlock and the aluminum nails with rubber grommets provide a water seal and are invisible.

The surface profile gave the roof a natural pleasing look although the glossy surface has dulled over the last 30 years but still blends in well with the surroundings.

In 2006 we built a garage and wanted to match the roof to the house.
We contracted with Interlock Industries and Mr. Peter Stewart showed us samples of the roof tiles and colors. We believe the product is essentially the same durable material with maybe improved color retention and different cover layers for over top of the wood.

Peter has various roofers available to choose from. Our roofer showed us pictures of various challenging roofs he had completed and during construction I inspected his method and workmanship. I was pleased with his work and attention to detail, although roofing is a slow process if done right. Our simple garage roof was done in two days.

Metal roofs behave differently than asphalt roofs. During warm spells in winter accumulated snow may slide down. This lightens the weight on the roof trusses, so I don’t mind. During heavy rain and hail you can hear the hail hit the roof, however in today’s homes with the thicker thermal insulation in the attic this effect is much reduced. Our roof has survived many hail storms without visible effect while many of our neighbours have had to file claims with their insurance companies for hail damage to their roofs.

We believe in durable materials and construction for our home and these roofs have satisfied our needs. If you want to take a closer look you are most welcome to visit us at [REMOVED FOR PRIVACY]

Your truly,
Robert and Helene Bliek
Calgary, AB

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Interlock is a leader in the field of roofing companies


To whom it may concern, Interlock Industries:

I am writing to boast of my new roof, that I am l 00% satisfied with both the roof itself and the service of installation.

The installers arrived promptly, as they had planned ahead of time. Also, the materials were at the site exactly, so there were no delays; work progressed on schedule. The laborers were courteous, informative and very professional. They were on time in the morning, everyday, and they did not work late, as to be a bother in the evenings.

The roof itself looks fantastic, and I have a very secure peace of mind. With a solid and transferable 50 year guarantee, I have no doubts or worries.

Interlock is a leader in the field of roofing companies, and I am sure this company will be around for a very long time.

Thanks again, Todd.

E. Wicks
Kamloops, BC

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No extra noise on a rainy day


I would like to take this time to say thank you for a job well done.

From sales, to project manager, to roofer, the team worked in a highly professional manner. The job was organized efficiently and completed in a timely manner. All materials on completion were taken away within the next day.

Michael’s work was efficient and very well done. I am extremely satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the roof. I particularly like the finishing touches on the roof edges and around the chimney’s flashing. Michael did an excellent job!

My home now has a much better cleaner profile. I am also surprised at how there is no extra noise on a rainy day – and we do have those rainy days here on the west coast. I had actually thought this may be an issue with the home being 80 years old as no extra sound proofing allowable, so am very pleased with the outcome.

Once again thank you for a job well done.

Elvira Kozak
West Vancouver, BC

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No-nonsense lifetime guarantee


Our experience with this company was exceptionally good. Their sales person, Mr. Brougham was extremely well versed in all of the products he displayed for us, demonstrating the pros and cons of each of them. He did NOT pressure us at all and allowed us to select the roof we wanted. There was a call back for a minor problem which they came out the next day and addressed and remedied the problem immediately.

The installation of the new roof was accomplished seamlessly and exactly as they described. We chose a very high-end roof as we are getting older and do not want to ever need to re-roof our home again. They provided this for us with a no-nonsense lifetime guarantee which is also transferable (goes with the home – not that we would ever leave it!) we are completely satisfied!

We would wholeheartedly recommend both the company and Mr. Brougham. Excellent experience top to bottom, beginning to end!

Mr. Sparrow
Chapel Hill, NC

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The install crew was punctual and professional in all phases of the contracted work


We contracted in late December for Interlock Roofing to install a new Interlocking Roof. Once we finalized the deal it took about 2 weeks to have the materials delivered and work to begin. On the first day of the project, the front of the house was stripped of the old roof material and about 1/4 of the new roof installed. We were impressed that there was very little refuse in the yard and the amount of work that was accomplished on the first day. Of course, everything can’t go right with any project, in conversing with the crew chief I did not mention that we live about 14 miles from everywhere. Also, the salesman did not inform him either.

We were unable to be here for the first day and when we did speak with the crew chief, he said that they nearly ran out of gas and did not have lunch the first day. We felt really bad about that but that set back did not affect the professionalism or diligence of the crew.

On the second day, they completed the installation of the front roof, removed the old roof on the rear and prepared the bare underlayment to weather the rain due the next day. We weathered the storm with no leaks.

Thursday brought the sun and our new roof. It looks great and the craftsmanship is excellent.

I would recommend the Interlock roof for anyone that is looking for a roof that will last a lifetime.

Michael Moyer
Westfield, NC

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Thank you for being such an excellent firm


My wife and I want to express our complete satisfaction with the “Aged Copper” roof your firm installed on our “Barn-house” and gazebo. The two roofs have a high quality appearance and they enhance the looks of the property. We are looking forward to many years of satisfaction. We are now planning to re-paint the house with a color to better blend with the roof.

The work performed by your installers was outstanding. They were friendly and very professional.
They worked efficiently and energetically, and it was obvious they had the skills to do the job.

Thank you for being such an excellent firm.

DeWitt Griffin
Bainbridge Island, WA

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The roof took thirty year off the look of the house


Dear Interlock Roofing

I have been impressed with the appearance of the slate aluminum roofs for years. So when the windstorms started lifting off my asphalt shingles and dropping them in my neighbor’s yard I knew it was time to look for a new roofing solution.

The Interlock Roofing sales representative was very informative and sold me on the advantages of their high end roofing materials. I especially liked the following benefits: the wind resistance was a big plus to me, the no maintenance feature, the
fact that the roof could be installed in the winter over the existing roof and last that I can relax knowing this will be the last roof I will have to buy for my house.

What a difference the black slate Interlock Roofing makes to the curb appeal of my 1950’s rambler house. The roof took thirty year off the look of the house and increased any future selling price.

I would be happy to recommend Interlocking Roofing to anyone interested in a high quality aluminum roof expertly installed.

Ronda Teel
Burien, WA

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High quality metal roofing installation


I want to express my appreciation for your company’s excellent response to our recent need for replacement of deteriorating closure material on our metal roof installed about four years ago. It is a pleasure to deal with people whose first priority is customer satisfaction.

I’d like to particularly thank Steven Jasper, the installer responsible for the work. He was competent, efficient and thorough. It was a large job and particularly difficult because of its height off the ground as well as the hot weather. I also want to thank Wendy Willans of your customer service department who arranged for the work effectively and promptly.

I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone interested in a high quality metal roofing installation by people eager to stand behind their products and workmanship.

Very truly yours,
Thomas E. Doyle
Seattle, WA

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If the roof is as good as it appears and is warranted for, the cost is justified


In less than a week since the new Interlock roof was installed on our house we have had several compliments.

It is somewhat a coincidence that the color of paint we put on the gutters and gable ends a couple of years ago is compatible with the weathered copper color of the shingles.

Most homes in our neighborhood are between twenty and thirty years of age. All have been re-roofed. Some need replacement again. They should consider Interlock.

The weather was not always the best during the job. The installers seemed to know exactly what to do and how to do it. If the roof is as good as it appears and is warranted for, the cost is justified. In comparison with anything else around we’re quite proud of it.

Donald Sherp
Auburn, WA

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Several neighbors have called to comment on how nice it looks


I want to thank you for a job well done on my new roof.

The work was done on schedule in spite of winter weather, and Brian, your roofer, was very polite and responsive. Several neighbors have called to comment on how nice it looks.

L.A. Fogt
Sumner, WA

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We love the look of the roof


We are writing to thank you for the fine job that was done on our roof installation. Before we talked to your company at the fair, we were confused and indecisive on the products available. After we talked to Bill Gray at our home, we decided that Interlock was the roofing for us.

From our meeting with your representative to the finish of the installation of the roof took less than a month. That included the wait for the permission from the Homeowners Association and financing through your company.

The installation team that worked on our home was courteous, efficient, pleasant and hard working. Everything was kept neat And clean as they worked.

We love the look of the roof and can’t stop looking at it whenever we go outside. It improves the look of the home.

Thank you,
Ken & Anita Bryce
Renton, WA

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