An impressive nice looking roof


The Interlock Roofing System was delivered and installed on time in spite of a delay in startup due to rain and another day delay due to rain after half the roof was done.

The crew was courteous and friendly and cleaned up at the end of every day. I was very satisfied that the place was left tidy and clean after final cleanup.

I recommend Interlock Roofing to anyone wanting an impressive nice looking roof.

Peter D. Janzen
Lethbridge, AB

We are proud to display our home to the town of Westlock


For the last five years my husband had been hinting hard that our house needed a new roof. My reply was, I need a new carpet and some painting done. His reply was. “A new carpet won’t be very pretty when it is wet.” Every summer storm showed lots of shingle debris on the deck and lawn. I was still reluctant to get new shingles.

On a whim we attended a home show in Edmonton in the spring. It was very interesting and we saw several companies showing new shingles. When we came to the Interlock booth, we were met by a friendly salesperson who explained their product.

To this day I can not believe that I fell in Love with new shingles. We were both sold instantly. We were then paid a visit by the salesperson who did a good job of selling his product, even though he didn’t have to. We were committed.

The installation of the product was timely and went very smoothly. The staff were very friendly and efficient. Our roof looked great and the yard was left very clean. We are proud to display our home to the town of Westlock.

Marion Zilinski
Proud Home Owner
Westlock, AB

PS. The new carpet is on order 

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Very professional and had some difficult weather conditions to work with


Dear Interlock Roofing:
Subject: roof installation

I would like to express my recommendation for your installers, Mike and Nedjo. It was a pleasure to work with these gentlemen; when it is time to do these other roofs on our place I want them back, and not hesitate to pass their names to others. They were both very professional and had some difficult weather conditions to work with.

Dennis Dodds
Thunder Valley Farms
Nanton, AB

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Beyond the call of duty


This is to advise you that Steve Graetsch and Jim Barnes have completed the installation of our Supertile aluminum roof.
They have worked beyond the call of duty, in adverse conditions, and done an excellent job.
My wife and I are extremely pleased with their professionalism, their knowledge, and the quality of their work.

We heartily recommend their work to all, and have heard nothing but praise from all who have seen the new roof.

Roman Kravec
Edmonton, AB

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Janer provided important information on venting our attic and was very helpful and accommodating


Janer and Luis replaced our ridge venting. They did a super job. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Janer provided important information on venting our attic and was very helpful and accommodating. He answered our questions with thoughtful responses.

Ken R.
Calgary, AB

I've had an InterLock roof for 12 years and it looks as good as new


I’ve had an InterLock roof for 12 years and it looks as good as new. I’m adding a roof over my deck, and needed some posts installed through the roof. One of the InterLock service teams came out this morning and quickly did a great job. I got what I needed and my lifetime warranty remains in effect. Thanks for the great work.

Ken D.
Calgary, AB

A long term replacement and upgrade to our pine shakes


We recently had a new roof installed in Calgary. We chose the Interlock system as a long term replacement and upgrade to our pine shakes which although maintained a few years ago were showing signs of significant deterioration. Our experience with the interlock office and their installers was great with no significant issues. Work was completed as per the agreed schedule and the workmanship appears to be at a high standard and we are exceptionally happy with the appearance of the new roof. The higher cost may not work for everyone but for various reasons, this was the option we selected. We would recommend Interlock to anyone interested in having a great looking roof that greatly enhances the appearance of our home and promises to provide a long term worry free roofing solution for years to come.

Greg M.
Calgary, AB

Our roof has survived many hail storms without visible effect


This letter of reference is intended for people considering to re-roof their home or garage.

We moved into our newly built home at the end of 1976 and by 1987 our asphalt shingled roof had deteriorated to the point that replacement was necessary.

We naturally looked for a roof that would last much longer than the old one and settled on aluminum interlocking tiles with a suitable surface finish and color. Aluminum does not rust at the cut edges and the finishing process lets the roof reflect a lot of incident heat in the summer. The tiles are folded at the edges so that the tiles interlock and the aluminum nails with rubber grommets provide a water seal and are invisible.

The surface profile gave the roof a natural pleasing look although the glossy surface has dulled over the last 30 years but still blends in well with the surroundings.

In 2006 we built a garage and wanted to match the roof to the house.
We contracted with Interlock Industries and Mr. Peter Stewart showed us samples of the roof tiles and colors. We believe the product is essentially the same durable material with maybe improved color retention and different cover layers for over top of the wood.

Peter has various roofers available to choose from. Our roofer showed us pictures of various challenging roofs he had completed and during construction I inspected his method and workmanship. I was pleased with his work and attention to detail, although roofing is a slow process if done right. Our simple garage roof was done in two days.

Metal roofs behave differently than asphalt roofs. During warm spells in winter accumulated snow may slide down. This lightens the weight on the roof trusses, so I don’t mind. During heavy rain and hail you can hear the hail hit the roof, however in today’s homes with the thicker thermal insulation in the attic this effect is much reduced. Our roof has survived many hail storms without visible effect while many of our neighbours have had to file claims with their insurance companies for hail damage to their roofs.

We believe in durable materials and construction for our home and these roofs have satisfied our needs. If you want to take a closer look you are most welcome to visit us at [REMOVED FOR PRIVACY]

Your truly,
Robert and Helene Bliek
Calgary, AB

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We cannot express how happy we are with the Calgary Interlock crew


We cannot express how happy we are with the Calgary Interlock crew; the workmanship of Yorman and David was beyond excellent. Excellent cleanup, polite, and answered all our questions. It is hard to find this exceptional customer service nowadays, and we highly recommend this company and Yorman and David.

Brian and Tracy
Drumheller, AB

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Abic20020 Bragg Creek, Ab Interlock Metal Roofing Black Aluminum Shake Roof Aerial

Bragg Creek, AB 🇨🇦 — Black Aluminum Interlock Shake Metal Roofing System Aerial

Never Re-Roof Again.® with Bragg Creek's BEST ROOF™

Product: Shake
Color: Black
Squares: 121
Country: Canada
State/Province: Alberta
City: Bragg Creek
Zip/Postal Code: T0L0K0

Installed by: Interlock Industries (Alberta) Ltd.
Phone: 1-866-733-5811
Install  Date: September 4, 2020
Photo taken: November 5, 2020
Age of roof in photo: 63 days

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I am extremely happy and overwhelmed with the honourability and integrity of Interlock Roofing

Good Morning Mr. Thomas:

I just wanted to send a quick note to give a sincere thank you to yourself, Janer, German, Kevin and the two other gentlemen who joined in on Saturday (sorry, I did not get their names) for seeing this issue through to the end.

I am extremely happy and overwhelmed with the honourability and integrity of Interlock Roofing… something that’s tough to say these days when most companies just take your money and run and do not stand behind anything they sell or work on.

To stand behind your product and get the issue resolved like everyone did… I can’t say thank you enough.

Janer, German, Kevin, and the two other gentlemen were a complete pleasure to work with… a great bunch of hard working, polite, and happy guys. Working on a roof is bad enough… but to do it at the start of winter when the mornings are cold, frosty and dark…. doesn’t make life any easier. I hope they get some well deserved down time with family and friends.

Finally, a huge thank you to you for making all this happen… especially this late in the year. You are a man of your word…and to me that means the world. Thank you.

I wish everyone on your end a happy, safe, and relaxing holiday season.

Sincerest Regards,
Sturgeon County, AB


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The finished product truly is a work of art that will enhance our home for years to come!


Our experience with Interlock Metal Roofing Systems can only be described as highly recommended.

From the start, Matthew was very knowledgeable on the roofing product and was able to fully describe what was needed for our house. He was able to give us multiple examples of homes that had this system installed on it which allowed us to visualize and decide on the style that we wanted. Once this was completed, he went out of his way to ensure that all of our questions were answered and that we were educated on this product.

After the roof was ordered, Shauna did an exceptional job communicating the status of our roof and when it was expected to be delivered as well as when the installation would begin. She was extremely thorough in what we were to expect and the timing of everything that would occur. Due to it being a custom roof, the materials had to be manufactured prior to the installation being done. She continued to update us as the materials were being manufactured and any changes that occurred with the scheduling. She is an absolutely extraordinary resource to have and made the total experience complete. Without her work coordinating and communicating the status of the job, our satisfaction would not be at the same level!

Our installer, Oswaldo, and his crew can only be described as extraordinary! They are truly Master Craftsmen and are some of the best we have ever worked with on ANY project. Their thoroughness, attention to detail, communication and general demeanor were beyond anything that could have been expected. From the time they arrived in the morning to the time they left every evening they were a joy to work with. The worksite was cleaned up every evening and was always organized as the job proceeded. Oswaldo and his crew are truly what made this job perfection! His updates on the project were very detailed and his explanation of every step of the process made us feel like we truly were fully involved. We could not recommend him any higher and he looked after our home like it was his own!

We could not be prouder of the way the job was completed and we are very happy with the Interlock Metal Roofing System that was installed. The finished product truly is a work of art that will enhance our home for years to come!

Jeremy B.
Calgary, AB

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Worth every penny as you never have to re-shingle again


I would like to thank you for installing our new roof from Interlock Industries. I am so happy we went with the deep charcoal grey. I thought it would be too dark but it isn’t. Looks so good on our house as I now can take pride as a new customer.

I would like to thank Derek Bryer and Terry for answering any questions I may have had, very knowledgeable and professional.

I would also like to thank the installers they were very professional and polite. If I had a question they always answered.

As a customer of Interlock Roofing – it may be more money than your asphalt shingles, but it is well worth every penny as you never have to re-shingle again.

I would most definitely recommend the Interlock Roofing to any homeowner who is seriously wanting to replace their shingles.

Joyce and Brian Kinsella
Edmonton, AB T6L 6V1

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A great future investment


We had purchased our home in the autumn of 1984 and in 2005 had a new asphalt roof installed.  From day one our deck was always covered with particles from those shingles. These were so called 25 year guaranteed shingles which didn’t last 10 years but we waited a couple of extra years.  We delved into the world of re-roofing and were surprised at the cost of what a new roof would cost (whether it was a tar shingled roof or a metal roof), and their warranties.

My wife was playing Mah-jongg on her iPad and an advertisement for showed up on her screen and she asked for an estimate to do our roofs (house and 2 car garage).  We were approached by Derek Bryer, a consultant for this company and he explained the differences in various roof products that were available in and outside of the company.

After the tar shingles fiasco, my wife and I already determined to go the way of a metal roof.

The night before the crew was to show up they called and said what time they would arrive in the morning.  They showed up on time at 0730 hrs (730 AM) and were finished by 1815 hrs (615 PM).  The crew was very professional and gave us an idea of what they were doing and went to work.  There were 4 in the crew and they worked as a very efficient team and the job flowed smoothly.  They also ensured that we had proper venting in the garage as there never was any venting.  They did a great clean-up job and didn’t disturb any plants around the house.  They were exceedingly professional.

On July 20 the night they finished a storm rolled through and low and behold in the morning no grit on our deck or patio furniture and our water barrel had clear clean water in it (yeah!!  for the flowers and garden).  We are very pleased with the product as our house looks great and what a great future investment.

Carsten and Pat
Edmonton, AB T5X 3V7

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This is 2 years later and our roof still looks brand new, and we love it


For anyone considering purchasing an Interlock Roof:

Please know Dave and I purchased a roof for our home from Interlock in July 2014.

The roof was installed April 2015. The roof is absolutely beautiful, the installers were amazing (our home is an arch rib so is almost all roof) with their agility and ability as they worked and walked on our roof like monkeys.

Everyone from our salesman Derek the office gal Shauna to Janar and his crew was very professional and experienced in their field. Please feel free to show our roof to anyone interested in same. We would highly recommend this product and your installers to anyone we are so very happy we went with Interlock.

This is 2 years later and our roof still looks brand new, and we love it.

We had a small issue of rusty nails in the flashing and an issue with moisture in Feb 2017 with the unusual weather of warmth and cold. Within a day of contacting Interlock, an inspector was sent to assess and address the matter promptly.

Anyone who visits and sees our roof is impressed with the absolutely beautiful look of it.We previously had a cedar shingle roof and thought this metal roof might be noisy when it rained but it is quieter than the shingles were.

Thank you Interlock, Derek, Shauna, and crew for the wonderful Quality and beautiful product; we are proud and grateful to be covered by Interlock.

Dave and Claudette Ashmore
Whitecourt, AB T7S 1P7

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