Asphalt primer

Asphalt primer is a type of bituminous material that is used in the construction and maintenance of roofs and other building components. It is a liquid asphalt-based material that is applied to surfaces before the installation of roofing materials, to help promote adhesion and improve the overall performance and durability of the roof system.

Asphalt primer is typically applied to porous surfaces such as concrete, masonry, or metal, to improve the adhesion of subsequent layers of roofing materials, such as roofing felt or built-up roofing. It can also be used to repair and patch small areas of the roof, such as cracks or holes, or to seal joints and seams in the roof system.

The application of asphalt primer is an important step in the installation and maintenance of a roofing system, as it helps to promote adhesion and improve the overall performance and longevity of the roof. Proper application and maintenance of the asphalt primer, along with regular inspections and repairs, can help to ensure the continued durability and performance of the roof, while also helping to prevent water infiltration and other types of damage.

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