Closure strip

A closure strip is a thin strip of material that is used to close gaps or create a seal between two adjacent roofing panels or other roofing components. Closure strips are typically made from a flexible material, such as foam, rubber, or plastic, and are designed to fit tightly against the roofing panel to create a secure and watertight seal.

Closure strips are commonly used in metal roofing and other types of roofing systems where there is a need to create a seal between adjacent panels or other components. They are typically installed at the edges and along the seams of the panels, where they help to prevent water, wind, and other elements from penetrating the roof.

Proper installation of closure strips is essential for ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of a roofing system. The strips must be cut to the correct size and shape to fit tightly against the roofing panel and provide a secure seal. They must also be installed using the appropriate fasteners and adhesives to ensure that they remain securely in place and provide long-lasting protection against the elements.

Closure strips are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to accommodate different types of roofing systems and panel profiles. They can be customized to fit specific roofing designs and may be color-matched to the roofing panels or other components to create a seamless and attractive appearance.

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