ROOFTech is a biennial trade show and conference dedicated to the roofing industry in Canada. The event showcases the latest products, technologies, and innovations in roofing materials, tools, equipment, and services. It brings together roofing contractors, architects, engineers, building owners, property managers, and other industry professionals, offering an opportunity to network, learn, and exchange ideas.

The conference typically includes educational seminars, workshops, and demonstrations that focus on various aspects of the roofing industry, such as new materials, best practices, sustainability, safety, and emerging trends. ROOFTech provides a platform for industry stakeholders to stay informed, maintain their skills, and adapt to the changing landscape of the roofing industry.

By participating in ROOFTech, attendees can broaden their knowledge, discover new business opportunities, and enhance their professional skills. It is an important event for those looking to stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the roofing industry.

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