Soffit ventilation

Soffit ventilation is a type of roof ventilation system that is designed to promote air circulation and prevent moisture buildup in the attic or roof space. Soffit ventilation works by allowing fresh air to enter the attic or roof space through the soffit, or the underside of the roof eaves, and allowing warm, moist air to escape through vents in the roof.

Soffit ventilation can be achieved through a variety of methods, including the use of soffit vents, which are small, perforated grilles that are installed along the underside of the roof eaves. These vents allow air to enter the attic or roof space, while also helping to prevent the buildup of heat and moisture that can lead to damage to the roof decking or insulation.

Proper installation and maintenance of soffit ventilation systems is critical to ensuring the long-term durability and performance of the roof. The vents must be properly sized and positioned to allow for adequate air flow, and any openings or gaps must be properly sealed to prevent water infiltration.

Overall, soffit ventilation is an important component of a properly designed and installed roof ventilation system. It can help to prevent moisture buildup, improve energy efficiency, and prolong the life of the roof, while also promoting a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

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