Vent sleeve

A vent sleeve is a component used to connect a vent pipe to a roof vent. The vent sleeve is a short, cylindrical piece of material that fits over the vent pipe and is secured to the roof vent with nails or screws. It helps to create a seal between the vent pipe and the roof vent, preventing water and debris from entering the attic or crawlspace.

Vent sleeves are typically made of metal or plastic and are available in various sizes to accommodate different types of vent pipes and roof vents. They are commonly used in residential and commercial roofing applications to ensure proper ventilation and prevent moisture buildup and other problems.

Proper installation of vent sleeves is important to ensure that the roof is adequately ventilated and to prevent damage to the roof and surrounding areas. It’s important to choose a vent sleeve that is the correct size and material for the specific application, and to follow manufacturer instructions and recommended installation procedures to ensure a secure and effective seal.

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