Interlock is a leader in the field of roofing companies

November 1, 2011

To whom it may concern, Interlock Industries: I am writing to boast of my new roof, that I am l 00% satisfied with both the roof itself and the service of installation. The installers arrived promptly, as they had planned ahead of time. Also, the materials were at the site exactly, so there were no delays; work progressed on schedule. The laborers were courteous, informative and very professional. They were on time in the morning, everyday, and they did not work late, as to be a bother in the evenings. The roof itself looks fantastic, and I have a very secure peace of mind. With a solid and transferable 50 year guarantee, I have no doubts or worries. Interlock is a leader in the field of roofing companies, and I am sure this company will be around for a very long time. Thanks again, Todd.

E. Wicks

Kamloops, BC

It looks just fantastic, better than we could have imagined

October 18, 2003

We have just had our aluminum roof installed by your company, in a charcoal grey with the tile effect. It looks just fantastic, better than we could have imagined. It has definitely changed the look of our home… bringing it more up to date and already have had more comments from our neighbours and friends on how nice it looks. It appears that one home in our area, after driving by ours, had their roof done in the shingle style not long after ours! The installers we can’t say enough about… Lee and his assistant Kyle were so professional, did such quality work, and were a pleasure to talk to for advice and explaining what had to be done. They are a real credit to your company and would be highly recommended by us to anyone interested in our area of Kamloops. Your staff and company have certainly been a pleasure to deal with and we wish you all continued success.

Yours truly, Carl and Seon Bonderud

Kamloops, BC

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