The material is most appropriate for a house of this vintage

May 3, 2006

Dear Interlock: I am writing to tell you how delighted I am with my new Interlock roof. The dark red color complements the historic features of this 1870 house, and the material is most appropriate for a house of this vintage. I also want you to know how pleased I am with the job that the installer did. The foreman. Rick Ortiz, and his workers, Wilden Perez, Juan Carlos Cordero, and Ruben Alvarenda, were a pleasure to work with. I didn't realize until I watched them work how complicated my roof is, with all its intersecting dormers, porches, hidden valleys and bay windows. They worked very skillfully and carefully to waterproof all these vulnerable edges, and did an excellent job. They were especially neat, cleaning up each day and overall at the end. Thank you Interlock for a great job!

With Best Regards, Toni A. Gold President Urban Edge Associates

Hartford, CT

The snow does not stay on the roof

April 17, 2006

I had my roof done by Interlock Roofing and I want to say that it is very good. The snow does not stay on the roof. This winter I look at other homes in my neighborhood and found that my roof was the first to be free of snow! I am happy about that. Many people have asked about roof They like the way it looks, so they stop to see what kind it is. All I can say is "It Works for Me!"

Albert Brown

Hartford, CT

Helped with our heating costs this winter

May 12, 2005

My husband and I would like to commend you, your organization, and the workers hired to install our new roof. We are not only delighted with how it has enhanced the look of our property, but also how it has helped with our heating costs this winter. Everything you told us at the time of the sale has come true:

  1. It certainly has enhanced the look of our property - we get people stopping to look and question almost every day,
  2. It was completed on time by workers who were not only fast, but quite meticulous with the work they performed.
  3. We will be receiving a $5OO check within two weeks to reward us for keeping an Interlock sign on our property which promoted the sale of another roof to a neighbor.
  4. Your continuous contact during and after to ensure our satisfaction.
Again, Thanks

Oma and Martin Hall

Hartford, CT

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