I highly recommend Interlock Metal Roofing for the following 4 reasons

April 14, 2022

I highly recommend Interlock Metal Roofing for the following 4 reasons:

  1. We are now proud owners of the most visually pleasing and structurally sound roof I have ever seen.
  2. From the owner on down, every person at Interlock is dedicated to customer satisfaction.
  3. The crews performing the work are top notch, led by great leaders. I have never seen a large crew of contractors work so efficiently and effectively. There was never any downtime as there was always a team working on the project. As the days work came to a close, half the team would begin cleanup while the other half continued with the mission.
  4. Their daily cleanup was off the charts! They used blowers, rakes and a rolling magnet to ensure the worksite was completely cleaned.
I was extremely impressed with the operation from start to finish!

Walter S.

Limerick, ME

Multiple issues with our asphalt roof on our home in Maine

April 14, 2022

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value We were having multiple issues with our asphalt roof on our home in Maine and needed to get it fixed. I was constantly nailing back falling shingles, and we had multiple water leaks, so we decided to get a whole new roof, and we decided to go with a metal roof. Just as an FYI, our metal roof was just finished a few months ago, so I cannot speak for the longevity of the roof, but I will try to give you an idea of how good the process of getting this project done was with Interlock. Anyone who has had to deal with a major home project and contractors in their home understand what I mean, so here goes… We were looking into a few companies, but after meeting with our sales rep Mark and his explanation of the interlock product and process, we decided to go with Interlock and what a great move that was for us! The process of getting an appointment for our sales rep to show the product agree to the job, get a start date, secure financing, and final completion could not have been easier. First off, there is no “hard sell” pressure, just lots of information about metal roofs, Interlock’s system and the lifetime warranty. There are a lot of people making this happen, and every one of them that we dealt with was pleasant, courteous and very helpful. Claudette started the process by sending information and a sales rep who would be calling on us. She was very responsive, and we got that info back in no time and with an appointment to meet with Mark. Mark was our sales rep, and he was extremely knowledgeable about the Interlock product, metal roofs in general and the process that would occur to get us from start to finish. Mark has a very friendly and outgoing personality and had an answer to every question we asked of him. Mark was always readily available to us for any of our questions throughout the whole process and followed up after the roof was completed to make sure that everything was to our liking. Drew is the finance guy, and he couldn’t have been any nicer or more efficient than he was with us. He made the whole process very simple and easy to do. He was also readily available to us at all times. Jennifer is the office person who coordinated the whole thing. She kept us informed every step of the way, from material delivery to dumpster drop off and pick up to when crews would arrive and everything in between. She was always very pleasant and helpful and, again, always available if needed for questions. The crews that we had working on our house were awesome. They were on time and worked their tails off from the minute they got to the site until it was too dark to see. They were so respectful of our home and the property and cleaned up every night before they went home. I cannot say enough about the work ethic and quality of work they performed. Working on a roof in Maine in February is no easy task, but these guys and gals made it look easy. Thanks to the whole Interlock family for providing us with a fantastic looking along with a very functional roof that is guaranteed for a lifetime! It is a tremendous sound when the snow comes thundering off the roof, leaving no snow or ice buildup!! We would highly recommend Interlock to install your metal roof. Services: Attic venting repairs, Attic venting, Roof installation

Walter S.

Limerick, ME

We intentionally waited almost two years to write a review

July 19, 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value To Potential Interlock Customer: We intentionally waited almost two years to write a review (roof replaced in August 2019). Replacing a roof (whether asphalt or Interlock) is an expensive project, and we felt it was important to have the perspective of someone who has experience with the Interlock roof for 2 years. Our house is an old colonial built in about 1890. It is almost 3200 square feet with an attic that could be converted to a third floor. We also have an L-shaped wrap-around porch at the front of the house. I am very familiar with the effort it takes to replace a roof, as I have helped re-roof five different houses, including my own. I did this with the help of several friends, putting a layer of asphalt shingles on my house about 20 years ago. However, after 20 years, I had shingles beginning to fail and lost a couple during wind storms. I had a couple of asphalt shingle contractors look at the house for an estimate. One never provided a quote. The second refused the work because my house is 34 feet at the peak, and he felt it was too tall for him to work on. Michael Baldarassi came to our house in June 2019. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the construction of old houses and correctly identified that the gable ends would need repair as it was common to not fully extend roof boards to the gable end. He explained the product extremely well, and we were happy to choose the black, slate-looking tiles for our roof. The work team started in the second week of August on a bright sunny, hot week. My roof needed to be stripped to the boards, and I was amazed at how quickly they dealt with the very hot asphalt shingles. It is an extremely hard-working team, and it was to the point that I wanted to tell them to take breaks. Sheets of plywood were carried up to the roof, gable ends were repaired, and several spots needed repair prior to installing the Interlock shingles. They did an excellent installation, along with cleanup and the weather-supported completion in 5 days. We immediately started receiving compliments from townspeople who thought we were having a slate roof put on. The roof definitely adds appeal to our house. Our experience with the Interlock roof has been outstanding. I no longer worry during the strong winds of winter. Having the snow slide off the roof has been a big benefit. Our first snowstorm in December 2019 was 20 inches. It was predicted to be followed by rain four days later. For the past 20 years, I have had to go out onto the wrap-around porch roof to shovel it off so that the 20 inches of snow with rain on it wouldn’t overload the porch. Not with Interlock. The snow had slid off during the snowstorm and before the rain, so no more shovelling the roof. I love not having to stand on a snowy roof shovelling anymore. Having the snow slide off has other benefits. It removed tons of weight from the snow on the roof. That snow weight does nothing good for a house. I used to have minor changes in door fitting, etc., during the winter, but that has stopped because the snow weight on the roof is gone. Additionally, no snow on the roof means no icicles. As one side of my house faces the sun all day, there are winters where if it is 10F and sunny for several days, massive icicles form that weigh hundreds of pounds. These become dangerous when they unexpectedly drop. Icicles do not happen when there is no snow on the roof. Our Interlock roof has been a fantastic choice, and it has added to the value of our house. One day when we sell our house, I have no doubt that our Interlock roof will help to attract a buyer, and the price of the roof will likely be recouped in part or all. What is a big question a potential homebuyer has? - how old is the roof? Being able to answer with a 50-year warranty that can be transferred to one buyer will bring a lot of weight to the sale. The warranty gives us peace of mind that the roof will never worry us again. Thank you again, Interlock. Service: Roof installation

Wayne Martin

York, ME

I know now from my own experience why my friends strongly recommended Interlock

Dear Mike, I want to thank you and the Interlock Industries team for your attentive collaboration on installing an Interlock roof on my barn. I appreciate your investment in driving to my home to discuss the roof in person. It was critical to my understanding of the options and the quality of your product. After the contract was agreed to, Jennifer was diligent in keeping me informed of the progress of securing the materials, scheduling the installation, and arranging for the delivery and removal of the dumpster. The Install team worked efficiently to remove the existing roof materials and install the new ones. They were conscientious in removing waste materials and also cleaning up the materials that fell inside the barn during the nailing of the new roof material. I believe they accomplished their tasks in less than twenty-four hours. I know now from my own experience why my friends strongly recommended Interlock because they, too, had previously had such a positive experience. Needless to say, I am delighted today to receive the refund check for the cost of plywood that didn’t need to be installed. Thank you again for your customer service. Please share my positive comments with Jennifer and the install team.

Sincerely, Charles

Southwest Harbor, ME

We contracted to have our old asphalt roof replaced with your Interlock roof

August 20, 2007

Back in early May 2007, we contracted to have our old asphalt roof replaced with your Interlock roof.  We are very happy that we did. It's a beautiful system and we recommend it to all our friends. I am writing you this letter to inform you that you have an outstanding individual installing your metal roof systems. I'm talking about Mr. Nikolay (Nick) N. Shalnev. Nick was prompt, courteous and a dedicated worker. We were very impressed with his skills and work ethics. He is a one man construction crew. He had our roof replaced in less than a week and that includes a couple of rain days in there as well. Nick is a true professional in his craft. We would personally request Nick for any other future jobs if they were to pop up.

Cordially Yours, George Grabler

South Portland, ME

They have worked diligently through all sorts of weather conditions to complete a large and difficult roofing job

June 22, 2005

This letter is being written to commend two of your Installers (Alex & Tim). It is our feeling that they have worked diligently through all sorts of weather conditions to complete a large and difficult roofing job. In spite of hot, humid conditions and temperatures in the 90s, they have worked to strip the old shingles, install the plywood and new shingles. They have also worked through cool rainy and misty days. For some unknown reason the dumpster was hauled away after their working hours. If my husband hadn't been home to retrieve all their tools, wheelbarrows, harnesses, etc., the tools would have disappeared as well. The men had to finish stripping the old shingles off our porch roof and haul them away in their own personal vehicle.  Please be sure to extend our appreciation and satisfaction to your installers for a job well done. They are extremely polite and pleasant young men. It was a joy having them at our house. If only all outside contractors had such devoted and skilled employees. They did a wonderful job at our home.

George & Diane Briggs

Freeport, ME

The site was kept very clean

May 1, 2003

This is to inform you of our satisfaction with the new Interlock roof on our home and to express an even greater satisfaction in the relationship with your staff during the entire process. Wayne Grant was very informative and courteous with his presentation and in filling out all the necessary paperwork to get started. Fred and his crew of installers were very professional and kept me totally informed on all aspects of the installation. The site was kept very clean as they worked and was totally cleaned each day before they left. Fred showed considerable concern in our satisfaction in all areas. Thank you for all your help

Sincerely; Bibb Longcrier

Kittery, ME

We are looking forward to an “ice dam” free winter next year

April 22, 2003

We just wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with our new Interlock shingle roof. The newly installed roof provides the house with a great “look” and it is performing beautifully. We have had 2 snow storms since the installation, and just as was promoted, the snow comes sliding off after only a few inches of accumulation. We are looking forward to an “ice dam” free winter next year. I would also like to say that the entire process, from estimate to job completion was a pleasant experience. Your salesman was professional and presented the product with facts. There were no high pressure sales tactics which was wonderful. The installation crew was also professional and courteous. They kept the work area neat and clean and went out of their way to make sure we were completely satisfied. In closing, we have, and will continue, to recommend this roofing system to anyone who asks. Thanks for the wonderful, worry free roof.

Sincerely, Bob & Marsha Brady

Kennebunk, ME

When we got in touch with Interlock Industries our roofing problems were solved

March 27, 2002

I just wanted to write this note to thank you for our new roof. When we first bought this house 3 years ago we knew that we would need a new roof soon. When we got in touch with Interlock Industries our roofing problems were solved. We were tired of going up on the roof year after year trying to repair the old shingles. After every storm shingles would blow off and end up scattered all over the yard. Now our troubles are over for LIFE!  The high cost is worth not having to go up there and try to make repairs that would just blow away with the next high winds, I also love the fact that the snow just falls right off with out any effort from us having to push it off.  I was a little worried about the rain and how loud it would be but I haven't been able to notice any big difference in sound at all. I wanted to thank the crew that installed the roof as well. They did a great job and they were very personable people that knew what they were doing. The job was done in a very timely manner. I was actually shocked at how soon toe product was delivered and then installed. Thank you Interlock Industries for this roof of a lifetime!  We are very happy with the outcome and if we do end up buying another house we would definitely have one of these roots installed on it as well.

Jenni-Lynn and Levi Gervais

Lewiston, ME

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