Pine needles and more pine needles

Pine needles and more pine needles along with fir boughs each season covers our roof all throughout the year. We are consistently getting on the roof to blow off the needles and clean off the fir boughs. Though the job of cleaning off the roof does not take more than 3 – 4 hours, we were looking for a better way and an easier solution to our situation. Our neighbor was in the process of getting a new roof put on; it was Interlock Roofing Systems. We asked many questions regarding their roof and the options available. Their finished roof looked great. The metal roof in the slate shingles option looked really good. They were very pleased with their roof, the installers, and the installation process. Our sales representatives, Mike and Ross, explained the advantages of a metal roof, the benefits of Interlock Roofing and the installation process, answered all our questions and assured us that we’d be very pleased purchasing an Interlock Roof. Peter and Victor, our installers were personable, explaining their process. We had a couple of snow and ice days prior to our scheduled date, so they had to work hard to clean off and prepare the roof. They worked very diligently in the cold and some days in the heavy rain. Our roof took a few extra days waiting for additional materials to arrive. When it was all done, February 1, 2017, our Interlock Slate shingle roof looked great. We are pleased and are looking forward to years of our beautiful featured addition to our home.

Pat and Liz

Oregon City, OR

It is quiet even in the worst rain storm

February 17, 2016

We first learned about Interlock Roofing when researching roofing options on the internet. We became interested in a metal roof due to our constant problems with moss and fir needles. We went to the September 2015 Home and Garden Show to learn more. Interlock had a great display at the show, and the representative cleared up some questions we had. We scheduled an appointment, and within a week Ross and Mike came out and explained their product to us. They brought samples of the different styles and colors of their materials and thoroughly explained how their system worked. They even brought a collection of pictures from previous houses so we could decide the best look for our house. As they were measuring the roof, we watched a video on their company and all of the materials and guarantees they provide. We were impressed by their knowledge and experience. The installation only took about three days. Vladimir and Greg, our installers, were very friendly and worked diligently. They took the time to explain what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Their craftsmanship really shows on the finished roof! We were extremely impressed when they were waiting on one piece of flashing to be in stock and Vladimir drove all the way from Seattle to install the finishing piece. We can tell they take pride in the work. We ended up with a beautiful roof and several people have stopped to ask about our roof. We had received many compliments on how the style complements our home. Now that we have lived with it for a few months, we are not disappointed with our choice. It looks great, there is no moss, and the fir needles rinse off with the rain. It is quiet even in the worst rain storm and best of all, it will be the last roof that this house will ever need. We will likely save energy costs this summer and will greatly reduce, or eliminate altogether, ever having to go on the roof again. We highly recommend Interlock Roofing to anyone looking for a forever roof that looks great. All of the people that we dealt with were very knowledgeable and informative. They were easy to talk to and there was never a high-pressure sales pitch. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or talk to anyone about our very good experience.

Sincerely, Curt and Ann C.

Oregon City, OR

Makes our farmhouse and garage look fabulous

Our home was recently the lucky recipient of a new aluminum shingle roof by Interlock. We are sure that if our house could, it would be singing! So, my husband I and will gladly speak for it. We cannot say enough good things about the quality of our new roof material and installation. From the first visit with the sales team (thank you Mike and Ross) we were impressed with the professional and trustworthy service of Interlock representatives. The whole job took place right on schedule with lots of communication all along the way. The installation crew (thank you Peter!) was hard working, intent on making sure every detail was done to perfection, considerate of our landscaping and a pleasure to have on our property. The finished product: WOW! We love it! This new Interlock roof not only makes our farmhouse and garage look fabulous, in addition, we are so happy to know we will never scrape moss again, not to mention that we will probably never even replace our roof again! The color and style of the shingles are so pretty and we know our home is protected from the elements like never before. We won’t hesitate to recommend Interlock Roofing whenever we have an opportunity. This company has developed a product that really measures up to everything it advertises. Thank you, everyone at Interlock. We loved doing business with you!

Sincerely, Dee and Tom Ross

Oregon City, OR

One hundred-year-old house

We would like to thank Interlock Roofing for the excellent product and service we received when replacing our roof. We began work on our one-hundred-year-old house many years ago and thought that we had always hired competent contractors to complete work that we did not do ourselves. However, when replacing the original tongue and groove eaves last summer, we discovered that our seventeen-year-old composition roof was failing due to poor installation. A relatively small project became a much larger undertaking. Since we live in an area where we have a stand of trees behind us and considerable shade, moss has always been a concern. In an effort to avoid any more issues with a roof, I began researching various alternatives. Then I found Interlock Roofing! I learned more about roofing in a short amount of time than I had to talk with several other suppliers. All my questions were answered and my concerns were addressed. Communication between the sales department and the installation department was top-notch. The crew arrived when scheduled and completed the job in a timely manner. After we considered the job complete, we discovered a small problem. That, too was addressed quickly and without question. If we were to need another roof, we would hire Interlock Roofing again. But the excellent warranty makes that an improbability. We heartily recommend Interlock Roofing to anyone.

Sincerely, Harriett and Douglas T.

Oregon City, OR

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