Re-roof of a 108-year-old home is a major process and investment

March 3, 2022

The Interlock team was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. Undertaking the re-roof of a 108-year-old home is a major process and investment. After speaking to many other roofers, we realized that Interlock offered the best value proposition, and we felt like they were going to be able to deliver on what they promised. Our salesperson, John Mondschean displayed his extensive experience in roofing by taking the time to listen to our goals, preferences and concerns, offering solutions and working with us to achieve the desired outcome. John was responsive to every request and stuck with us even after the contract was signed. We appreciated that he was always available to answer questions, give us updates and even bring color samples over one afternoon for us to double-check our selection. John embodies integrity and service. We were aware that due to current market conditions, we might have to wait a while for our materials to be delivered; however, Interlock exceeded our expectations and was able to get the materials to us a touch earlier than promised and started the installation within three days after delivery. The day the materials were delivered, we met Jesse, the lead installer who we worked with throughout the project. Jesse was awesome in explaining all the steps to the re-roof and answering our questions along the way. He took lots of pictures for us and explained how he would address our specific concerns like adding ventilation, condition of the chimney, placement of snow guards and ensuring that the construction didn’t negatively impact our neighbors. It was clear that Jesse has been installing Interlock roofing for a long time and is a true craftsman who takes pride in the quality of his work. Jesse and his crew went above and beyond to ensure that our neighbors landscaping, A/C units and other areas were properly protected. They also ensured that our property was well protected throughout, cleaned up every day and that they left the job site in great condition once the work was finished. We give the crew excellent ratings for the overall job they did on our new roof. We are very happy with the new roof and have recommended Interlock Roofing to several of our friends and neighbors. It is awesome to have everyone on the block comment on how nice the new roof looks. It really has improved our home’s durability, value and curb appeal. We would work with John, Jesse and the entire team again! They delivered on what they promised!

Taylor K. & Mathieu B.

La Grange, IL

No-nonsense lifetime guarantee

Our experience with this company was exceptionally good. Their sales person, Mr. Brougham was extremely well versed in all of the products he displayed for us, demonstrating the pros and cons of each of them. He did NOT pressure us at all and allowed us to select the roof we wanted. There was a call back for a minor problem which they came out the next day and addressed and remedied the problem immediately. The installation of the new roof was accomplished seamlessly and exactly as they described. We chose a very high-end roof as we are getting older and do not want to ever need to re-roof our home again. They provided this for us with a no-nonsense lifetime guarantee which is also transferable (goes with the home – not that we would ever leave it!) we are completely satisfied! We would wholeheartedly recommend both the company and Mr. Brougham. Excellent experience top to bottom, beginning to end!

Mr. Sparrow

Chapel Hill, NC

We absolutely LOVE our roof!

December 2, 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value We absolutely LOVE our roof! Right from the start, this company worked with us every step of the way. Beginning with the quote, the financing, the install to the clean up. They were professional, friendly, fast and understanding in all our questions and concerns about making this big purchase. We highly recommend Interlock if you are considering a new roof; you won't regret it! Service: Roof installation

Kristine M.

New Ipswich, NH

I would buy this roof again in a heartbeat

October 28, 2021

I had an Interlock roof put on several years ago and I am not sure I agree with the statement "more expensive, sure". While it does cost more to put on the roof, I think the payback more than covers the extra price. I am sitting in my attic office, a place that got cold even with heat this time of year, it is warm now. It stays cooler in the summer as well which saves on cooling costs. The sales person told me that it would be the case but I really didn't believe it. I would buy this roof again in a heartbeat.


Honolulu, HI

My husband and I knew we had found the right company

September 21, 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value From the word Hello, my husband and I knew we had found the right company. We went direct to the Mfg, eliminating the middleman because Interlock has their own crews installing the roof. I never have to play the game of whether it's the contractor's fault or not; it's the Mfg's fault IF there is ever an issue with my roof! Their Salesmen Mark, was always in contact with me, as is their business office - Jennifer was great - even when we delayed the job because of issues with our home out of our control. Once we gave the green light, their installation team was here within days and done within three days. They addressed rot we hadn't anticipated, brought in their inspector to ensure the job was going smooth and answered questions we had. We are very shy with contractors due to a couple of misfortunes, so we were very leery about going with any contractor in general. We have renewed hope there is good in this world. I couldn't be happier with not only the product but the company. WE LOVE OUR ROOF! The best part is I'll never have to worry again, and I can transfer my home into trust with confidence my family won't have to worry again either! Thanks, Interlock! Services: Roof installation, Attic venting

Elizabeth B.

Raymond, NH

Our energy bill is down

July 25, 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Interlock gave us step by step on what to expect during the whole process of buying and installing our roof! Our energy bill is down, and the roof looks amazing! They fixed our back Desk, so there are no more leaks! The installers were fast and professional. They cleaned up everything before leaving at the end. I was very pleased with the whole process! Thank you, Interlock! Services: Roof installation, Attic venting

Katreena W.

Dallas, OR

We intentionally waited almost two years to write a review

July 19, 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value To Potential Interlock Customer: We intentionally waited almost two years to write a review (roof replaced in August 2019). Replacing a roof (whether asphalt or Interlock) is an expensive project, and we felt it was important to have the perspective of someone who has experience with the Interlock roof for 2 years. Our house is an old colonial built in about 1890. It is almost 3200 square feet with an attic that could be converted to a third floor. We also have an L-shaped wrap-around porch at the front of the house. I am very familiar with the effort it takes to replace a roof, as I have helped re-roof five different houses, including my own. I did this with the help of several friends, putting a layer of asphalt shingles on my house about 20 years ago. However, after 20 years, I had shingles beginning to fail and lost a couple during wind storms. I had a couple of asphalt shingle contractors look at the house for an estimate. One never provided a quote. The second refused the work because my house is 34 feet at the peak, and he felt it was too tall for him to work on. Michael Baldarassi came to our house in June 2019. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the construction of old houses and correctly identified that the gable ends would need repair as it was common to not fully extend roof boards to the gable end. He explained the product extremely well, and we were happy to choose the black, slate-looking tiles for our roof. The work team started in the second week of August on a bright sunny, hot week. My roof needed to be stripped to the boards, and I was amazed at how quickly they dealt with the very hot asphalt shingles. It is an extremely hard-working team, and it was to the point that I wanted to tell them to take breaks. Sheets of plywood were carried up to the roof, gable ends were repaired, and several spots needed repair prior to installing the Interlock shingles. They did an excellent installation, along with cleanup and the weather-supported completion in 5 days. We immediately started receiving compliments from townspeople who thought we were having a slate roof put on. The roof definitely adds appeal to our house. Our experience with the Interlock roof has been outstanding. I no longer worry during the strong winds of winter. Having the snow slide off the roof has been a big benefit. Our first snowstorm in December 2019 was 20 inches. It was predicted to be followed by rain four days later. For the past 20 years, I have had to go out onto the wrap-around porch roof to shovel it off so that the 20 inches of snow with rain on it wouldn’t overload the porch. Not with Interlock. The snow had slid off during the snowstorm and before the rain, so no more shovelling the roof. I love not having to stand on a snowy roof shovelling anymore. Having the snow slide off has other benefits. It removed tons of weight from the snow on the roof. That snow weight does nothing good for a house. I used to have minor changes in door fitting, etc., during the winter, but that has stopped because the snow weight on the roof is gone. Additionally, no snow on the roof means no icicles. As one side of my house faces the sun all day, there are winters where if it is 10F and sunny for several days, massive icicles form that weigh hundreds of pounds. These become dangerous when they unexpectedly drop. Icicles do not happen when there is no snow on the roof. Our Interlock roof has been a fantastic choice, and it has added to the value of our house. One day when we sell our house, I have no doubt that our Interlock roof will help to attract a buyer, and the price of the roof will likely be recouped in part or all. What is a big question a potential homebuyer has? - how old is the roof? Being able to answer with a 50-year warranty that can be transferred to one buyer will bring a lot of weight to the sale. The warranty gives us peace of mind that the roof will never worry us again. Thank you again, Interlock. Service: Roof installation

Wayne Martin

York, ME

Copper penny cedar shingle product

July 19, 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality We had a metal roof installed on my home and shed using the copper penny cedar shingle product. We are not only impressed with the product but also the installation. The installers were a father-and-son duo and were very meticulous. They took three full days to complete the job. We could not be more pleased with the result. Service: Roof installation

Francis M.

Dartmouth, NS

No more ice dam on my low slope roof

June 17, 2021

Somersworth NH install. Great group of workers. They had the foreman check all work after. They are easy to contact, the price was ok, it's not asphalt, and you get what you pay for. Don't expect a price like an asphalt roof. I liked heavy gauge aluminum over those coated steel roofs. They can rust over time. Aluminum does not rust. I had it for over 1 year, with no issues, no leaks, snow falls good, and no more ice dam on my low slope roof. I even climbed up there to seal a few hairline cracks in my chimney mortar. Nice and durable. It's worth it in the long run. The only thing I would recommend is please attach the siding near eaves security. Because as they insert flashing, they may need to pull out a few areas and nail them back. Just pay attention. There was one little loose area that was nailed in on my siding but needed to be locked in from the bottom. Overall great company, I do; the roof was secure, no loose shingles or flops. I highly recommend this company. I think the two areas near the eave of siding were done ok; they just needed the final touch. And it wasn't even roof related. And the small siding area lasted a year till I had a heavy windstorm. I replaced that small area, and since ok. Just to be clear, my siding is older; it locks in differently. Don't get the impression that they leave things floppy. Just have them check and pull on and areas they removed siding at the end. Service: Roof installation

Ravi M.

Somersworth, NH

Highly recommend the Interlock Roof System especially after the many tropical storms this year

May 28, 2021

We just purchased the Interlock® Roof System for our home and we couldn't be more pleased. The Interlock System has high performance with great curb appeal. Many people have commented on the distinctive look. From our initial meetings to the finished product; we were very impressed with the installation, knowledge of the product, attention to detail, and professionalism of the company. We highly recommend the Interlock Roof System especially after the many tropical storms this year.

John & Marilyn

Kailua, HI

I live in a forest near the Oregon Coast. The original reason I wanted to purchase a metal roof was basically for fire prevention

I live in a forest near the Oregon Coast. The original reason I wanted to purchase a metal roof was basically for fire prevention. Composition shingles are the worst type of roof you can have when living in a forested area; metal roofs are the best. On September 11, 1992 I was on the island of Kauai, Hawaii when Hurricane Iniki, a Category-5 hurricane, took a direct hit. For our emergency shelter, we took refuge at the newly built Kauai Community College. We were told it had been built to hurricane standards and was safe. The college had a metal roof made of long slates stretching from the top to bottom. As the hurricane grew in strength, I watched the slate at one side of the building starting to flap…then flap more and more until it went flying into the air. Then, I watched the slate next to it do the same. This went on and on. When the eye of the hurricane went over us and everything slowed down, the people in that building rushed over to our building. For some reason our building’s roof held. Living on the Oregon Coast we get high winds every year. When I was informed about how the Interlock roof is tied together, I was sold on purchasing that style. Now, my roof can withstand up to a 180 per hour wind gust. I also like it’s look. After it was installed I sent a photo to a friend and her reaction was: “I thought you were going to buy a metal roof.” The roof even has a slate look to it. I used to own a business where we sent installation crews all across the country to install our multiple-run kennels. I know the importance of having a crew that knows what they are doing and are good representatives of our business. I give the Interlock installation crew an A+. They not only know what they are doing, but they are HARD WORKERS as well. On my job they went way beyond just roofing my house. They tore out the dilapidated structure around my chimney and built me a completely new one. They also added new flashing at the bottom of my roof windows, so I no longer have a problem with runoff ruining my wooden frame. I now have a new roof that will last much longer than me. It has added value to my home and peace of mind to me. When considering a new roof, I highly recommend Interlock.

Sincerely, Guy F. A Satisfied Customer

Logsden, OR

From one rookie homeowner to another... I hope you choose and trust Interlock with your home!

May 14, 2021

One month into the purchase of my first house, a surprise awaited following a refresh of my gutters – two words every homeowner dreads hearing…’roof replacement!‘ High anxiety. Having no experience or know-how, being a rookie homeowner, replacing the roof felt daunting and uncomfortable. Hearing only the industry horror stories of work done poorly, inadequately and haphazardly, I feared the worst. I immediately took to Google in search of companies and quotes. It did not begin well. The first company priced my job at 24k, and suggested they’d need to ‘refresh’ it in 8 years. The second company was priced more moderately and offered 10 year coverage, but came across pushy, wanting me to sign on the dotted line after the first conversation. I had to tell the operator twice in the same chat that no, I would not be sending an advance payment immediately and was not ready to let them begin work. Needless to say, a terrible start to the search, confirming my fears about the industry and pricing. The next day, back to the Google I went, this time in search of the highest-rated company I could find. ‘Interlock Roofing‘ appeared, along with reviews touting the company’s metal roofing product that was both durable and held considerable ‘curb appeal.’ More than that, the reviews spoke of the company’s professionalism, honesty, quality of work and timeliness (no small feat in an industry known for the exact opposite!). I sent an initial interest email, hoping the reviews were real and true! And my goodness…did they prove to be! From my thorough initial chat with Lynda to the revealing Powerpoint orientation meeting with Mike, to Todd’s quote process and honest job pricing sans showroom showdown, to the finishing roof touches with installer extraordinaire Mike, and then, finally, addition of snowguards with expert Tariq…Interlock’s team went above and beyond. Patient, more than they probably should have been with me, a rookie with many questions (plenty of them of the ‘stupid’ variety if I do say!) and always willing to explain things simple or difficult. The culture and integrity of Interlock’s team really shines through at each step, and removed any anxiety I had. I completed a major 6-month renovation at my home, and I can say with 100% certainty…Interlock was my favorite contractor of the entire process, inside or out. Final word about the quality of product, the metal roof. I have spent the days, weeks and months since the install touting the Interlock roof to neighbors, family and friends! The quality is off the charts, and the peace of mind it provides is best of all – 50-year warranty and no lost sleep over leaks, water damage or degradation over time. The cost difference? The quotes I received…the pricing was remarkably similar for such a tremendous gap in value! And the process was transparent, the team trustworthy start to finish. Living in Vancouver in our climate, this is the only choice for peace of mind. The final bonus? It looks absolutely beautiful at street level. So, from one rookie homeowner to another…I hope you choose and trust Interlock with your home! Lynda, Mike, Todd, Mike and Tariq…folks with integrity you want working on your home.

Sincerely, Brock

North Vancouver, BC

The roof has been fine, we have no issues

May 3, 2021

Critical: Professionalism, Responsiveness My husband and I purchased a home with an existing Interlock roof from his parents this past year. The roof has been fine, we have no issues. However, we are looking to add an addition to our home and because interlock requires their staff to perform all work on the roof because of the warranty we contacted them regarding this. My husband has attempted to reach Interlock for the past 1-2 months with out any call back from anyone. He just keeps getting the front desk secretary that answers the phone and takes the message. He has even requested to speak with the supervisor of the Sharon branch, but again with no call back. I have never experienced such a terrible customer service experience from a company. I do not recommend pursuing a metal roof with Interlock for the fear that if you had a problem with your roof, you may not get in touch with anyone to repair it. If you do proceed with Interlock, prepare yourself to have to call them multiple times per day every day. Update: I received a call back from Interlock today after receiving my google review. Thankfully, they have begun to work on my outstanding issue. Service: Roof installation

Meghan L.

Harrisville, RI


City / State

Nice quick install

Nice quick install everything arrived before the contractor, clean site work.

Sincerely, John G.

Newberg, OR

I never thought a roof was something that you would get compliments on

I’ve had this roof for about 18 months now. I am very happy with it and was quite pleased with the pre-sale discussion and the actual installation. I never thought a roof was something that you would get compliments on, but I certainly get them. I figured, why get a roof that would last me for 5 to 10 years when I can get one that will last virtually my lifetime? Very happy all around.

Sincerely, Gina C.

Portland, OR

I was in the need for a new roof on my old home which was built in 1876

Last summer I realized I was in the need of a new roof on my old home which was built in 1876. I was hoping I could find a roof that accentuated the uniqueness and beauty of my old farm-style house. I always dreamed of owning a home with a metal roof, so I thought, well, let’s give this a look and see if it is an option. After searching for roofers and making some calls I found no one in my area offering metal roofs, needless to say, I became discouraged. Then, one day, on Facebook, I happened to see an ad with Midwest Roofing/Interlock Roofing showing the exact type of roof I was looking for!! I was so excited and called the number and was able to have an appointment arranged that very weekend. John came out, did some measuring, got up in my attic, then we sat and had a long, very informative discussion. John was extremely patient with my numerous questions and was able to explain things to me in layman’s terms, as I am not adept in the construction business, at all. So, the nitty gritty…I was originally thinking standing seam going into this whole project but then out came the slate look and oh my, that was it…The roof I had been looking for. It was exactly what needed to be on top of my house!!! And the black color just spoke to me…. John agreed!! Nowhere else had I ever seen a roof like the one I was about to have put on my beloved home. So, the price, while I knew a metal roof was going to cost more, I was looking more for security and peace of mind. I am a single parent of a child on the autism spectrum. I knew that I did not want to deal with roof issues in the future, the struggle to get a roofer to come to fix their problem, and the thought of having to replace it all over again just a few years down the road. Nope, the extra cost of this one-and-done roof was well worth it to me…after all, how do you put a price tag on peace of mind? And there aren’t many things in this world nowadays that can give you that. So, I signed the contract… The delivery…. how exciting…all these boxes lined up in my driveway…it was getting real!! Installation begins. Never in my lifetime have I met such an amazing installation crew, headed by Jesse. These guys worked tirelessly on transforming my average-looking home into the WOW home on the block. They took great care in working around my cupola and rock chimney, making sure everything was sealed where it needed to be, even reinforcing the cupola as it had been up there for so many years. These guys are not just installers, they are truly artists, and the pride in what they do shines in their workmanship. Even the care in the cleanup was amazing…very impressed. Any company can put out an amazing product, but for that product to remain amazing, that company has to have professional team members working with the customers…that is what you will get if you go with Interlock. Not just a stand-out product but a stand-out crew from sales, scheduling, and installation…it’s the whole package.

Sincerely, Megan R.

Woodstock, IL

The metal roof looks great on my historic house

I cannot rave highly enough about the best experience I’ve ever had with a company and their employees. Their professionalism and workmanship were amazing. Interlock Metal Roofing did an exceptional job. The metal roof looks great on my historic house, and I continue to get compliments from the neighbors on how nicely the roof adds the finishing touch to the “1903 old lady. The roofers were incredible, arriving promptly first thing in the morning (7:30 am) and working every day until it was dark (8:30 pm). They would have finished the roof in the two-week period they had scheduled, but to our surprise, it was discovered that they had to remove four roofs installed on top of each other before they could install the new roof. There were no complaints, even though it added two extra work days to their schedule. They obviously left the place better than they found it, and I couldn’t be happier.

Sincerely, Christine C.

Cottage Grove, OR

I love my Interlock Metal Roof!

I love my Interlock Metal Roof! It makes my whole house look more beautiful. I was so impressed by how quickly and efficiently the roof was installed. It will be a while before I retire, but when I do I want to spend my time and money on travel and other fun things. I am so glad I never have to worry about re-roofing then or ever again! Not only that, but my roof will be just as beautiful then as it is now. If you are thinking about re-roofing, give Interlock a look.

Sincerely, Louisa H.

Corvallis, OR

The materials that you used were of the highest quality

February 12, 2021

The materials that you used were of the highest quality. I recognize that the ventilated, insulated plywood used for the insulation of the roof, and the slate-pattern aluminum shingles were the materials that were specified in the original quotation and we are very satisfied with this material. However, what particularly impressed me was your voluntary use of the high quality RoofTopGuard II vapour barrier that your staff felt would give us a better end product, given the site conditions. This material upgrade clearly demonstrated the concern that you have for the quality of work you do.


Honolulu, HI

The install crew was punctual and professional in all phases of the contracted work

We contracted in late December for Interlock Roofing to install a new Interlocking Roof. Once we finalized the deal it took about 2 weeks to have the materials delivered and work to begin. On the first day of the project, the front of the house was stripped of the old roof material and about 1/4 of the new roof installed. We were impressed that there was very little refuse in the yard and the amount of work that was accomplished on the first day. Of course, everything can’t go right with any project, in conversing with the crew chief I did not mention that we live about 14 miles from everywhere. Also, the salesman did not inform him either. We were unable to be here for the first day and when we did speak with the crew chief, he said that they nearly ran out of gas and did not have lunch the first day. We felt really bad about that but that set back did not affect the professionalism or diligence of the crew. On the second day, they completed the installation of the front roof, removed the old roof on the rear and prepared the bare underlayment to weather the rain due the next day. We weathered the storm with no leaks. Thursday brought the sun and our new roof. It looks great and the craftsmanship is excellent. I would recommend the Interlock roof for anyone that is looking for a roof that will last a lifetime.

Michael Moyer

Westfield, NC

Beautiful and functional Interlock roof that is quiet when it rains

December 10, 2020

Just a few days ago my husband and I were excited to see our new Interlock aluminum roof completed in the gorgeous eye popping finish of copper penny shake topping our newly purchased log home in Bellingham WA. We are so thankful for the signage that the company uses when completing new roofs because when we were first looking at our home and considering a purchase we happened to drive by a house just down the road that had the same copper finish aluminum Interlock roof that we eventually decided on. Seeing this roof installed on another house was the impetus that we needed to call the company and begin our inquiry well before we even purchased our home. We did our homework and considered other roofing materials and companies, but Interlock stood out in our minds as our top choice. The Interlock salesmen, Ross and Paul also went out of their way to come and look at the home and the roofing and bring samples to put on the roof for us to see during our inspection period. They also met with us immediately after closing on a Sunday as we wanted to lock in on a date for installation as soon as we could. We have a very large square footage of roofing, as well as a roof line that is very prominent on the house and we wanted to do something to enhance the stately character for what is definitely a very magical house and property. We have only now owned our house for less than two months, and already have our beautiful new roof completely installed. As we closed on our house in mid-October and we live in the Pacific NW near the Canadian border, this is already a feat. The team of roofers who were sent by Interlock to do our installation were some of the hardest working, most focused, and skilled labor crew we have had the pleasure of coming across. They completed the job in 2.5 weeks, working weekdays and Saturdays, arriving at 7:30 AM and working until 6 PM into the darkness with headlamps on. They worked in rain, cold, and very windy conditions, removing 90,000 lbs. of clay tile roofing and replacing it with the Interlock 100 year warrantied high quality roofing. The team was extremely respectful, also replacing a skylight that we added to the job mid-way and reinforcing roofing around other skylights that appeared to be leaking. All members of the Interlock company that we have spoken with or had contact with otherwise have been friendly and personable, respectful, and quickly and effectively addressed any questions or issues that we have brought to their attention. We feel safe and secure under our beautiful and functional Interlock roof that is quiet when it rains and lets the water run off in rivulets into the eaves. We thank everyone at Interlock and hope to have a long and successful relationship with Interlock and our new roof.

Timothy and Carol H.

Bellingham, WA

We are very satisfied with the roof and very glad we will never have to purchase another roof again

In 2004 my wife and I decided to purchase the lifetime Interlock Roof. I was fifty at the time and had been called over to my Father In Laws house several times to clean out his gutters and clean off his roof with a pressure washer. I told my wife I did not want our kids to have to do that for us in our later years. The situation with my in-laws provided the motivation to start the search for a permanent roof. We landed on the Interlock Roof at the Western Washington Fair in 2004. The roof was installed and have not had any problems afterwards. There are some idiosyncrasies with this type of roof:

  1. The roof is not made to be walked on
  2. When it snows the snow builds up for a 1 to 3-inch amount and then slides off the roof and onto the ground below
  3. The roof keeps its original look, never needs to be pressure washed off or any other maintenance.

We are very satisfied with the roof and very glad we will never have to purchase another roof again.

Matt P.

Puyallup, WA

The temperature inside our garage was approximately 20 degrees cooler than before the roof

We had the Interlock Roof put on our home this month and I am satisfied with the look and performance of the roof so far. The crew completed the roof in a timely fashion, and was very professional! Our neighbors have paid us compliments about the roof. I really look forward to the longevity of the roof. The temperature the week following the installation was in the 80’s, and the roof kept the temperature inside our house at 75. We did not have to run the air conditioning until we reached the 90’s. The temperature inside our garage was approximately 20 degrees cooler than before the roof. To anyone looking to replace his or her roof, I would recommend the Interlock Roofing System!

Sincerely, Doug J.

Marysville, WA

The performance of the new roof has been exceptional

To: Peter Brylinke My Interlock Shake style system was installed in June of 2019. We have now had it for an entire year and experienced the roof through all season, climate and weather conditions. Not only do we value the new look of our roof but the performance of the new roof has been exceptional. In the winter we have seen the snow pile up on it only to slide off as soon as the sun warms it enough. We have noticed a difference in the summers also with a cooler house. The roof has met all of our expectations and we are extremely happy with our decision to install this roof. Last summer when the workers were working on the roof, we were so pleased with the time and effort the workmen put into making sure all aspects of our roof were taken care of. They were courteous, hard working, respectful and considerate of our needs as homeowners. Carlos was instrumental in making sure that we were happy with every aspect of the work that was being done. In closing, we are very impressed with our roof and have recommended this same system to many people we know and many people who just walk by and ask about it. We feel that we have made a great decision in putting this system on our home. Minneapolis Mn 55409 Interlock Roof

Darwin and JoAnn L.

Minneapolis, MN

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