Can I walk on an Interlock roof?

There seems to be some confusion as to whether you can walk on one of our metal roofs once it’s installed.

Yes, you can walk on an Interlock Metal Roofing System

However, with our different profiles, there are going to be slightly different methods that you need to employ to be able to walk on the roof. First we would ask you, why are you needing to walk on it?

  • Install satellite dish?
  • Install solar panels?
  • Clean the roof?
  • Do you have issues with skylights or your chimney?
  • Hang Christmas lights?

If you wish to walk on the roof, and you don’t know how to walk your Interlock® roof, then please ask us. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

Please review your Lifetime Limited Warranty so you know what you can and cannot do to affect your roof.
Cleaning our roofs can be done in most cases with just a hose, and if really necessary a gentle solution (please ask us first about the solution you intend to use so you don’t affect the warranty.

And … often a good rain will clean the roof!
But if you feel you still need to go up on the roof …

Just ask us how

We’ll be happy to explain to you the best way to do so. 
Or if you are there during installation, just ask our lead installer to show you how.

Don’t forget to be safe though. There are hundreds of thousands of ladder and roof falls per year in the USA alone.  
So, be careful. 

It’s always going to be better to get a professional to assist you with anything related to your roof.

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